Large or small, it takes more than needles and ink to cultivate a tattoo into a beautiful work of art. When you get a fresh tattoo you may be dying to show the world, but if you want it to last, a little TLC is 100% required. Brand new tattoos can take around four months to completely heal, so properly caring for your fresh ink plays a huge role in its healing time and overall longevity.
With the deep layers of your skin exposed, a newly tattooed area is technically considered a wound making your skin vulnerable to infections and irritation. That calls for extreme care, especially if you want to prevent scarring skin or even fading ink. Whether it’s been two weeks or two years, tattoo care (with the right products) is key to healthy and vibrant-looking tattoos. And Mad Rabbit’s new Tattoo Balm Stick is the perfect accompaniment for both short and long-term aftercare.
Founded in 2019 by two friends with a passion for ink, Mad Rabbit Tattoo was created with a commitment to revolutionize the tattoo care space. On a mission to eliminate unnatural and processed ingredients found in traditional aftercare, founders Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor are dedicated to developing products that embody the basics of holistic healing.
With formulas infused with natural, clean, and sustainably sourced ingredients, the tattoo skincare brand offers simple and high-performing products that give you the confidence to show off your tattoos, while also maintaining your skin’s health. In March of 2021, Mad Rabbit was introduced to the world on season 12, episode 18 of Shark Tank, and they’ve been reinventing the tattoo care game ever since.

Mad Rabbit has taken their best-selling Tattoo Balm and formulated it into a Tattoo Balm Stick! I chatted with co-founder Oliver, and he gave Sheen all the deets on Mad Rabbit’s newest release…And let me tell you, I’m not even tatted and I’ve been using this. Here’s why:

The lightweight Tattoo Balm Stick ($12) is made with only five, clean and natural ingredients: Shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, calendula oil, and beeswax. With these power-packed ingredients, this fragrance-free and alcohol-free formula is super gentle. It’s also non-greasy, and free from heavy occlusives like petrolatum, unnatural waxes, and mineral oils that are found in the majority of traditional tattoo aftercare products. Thanks to these ingredients, the balm stick delivers maximum moisture and soothes irritation. Found in multiple Mad Rabbit products, Shea butter is a deeply nourishing ingredient that leaves the skin moisturized for hours. It’s rich in Vitamin E, absorbs easily, and helps protect the skin beyond just its surface layer.

Suitable for all skin types and tones, this compact, easy-to-use balm stick is for every stage of your tattoos. When applied, it forms a protective barrier on the skin to lock in hydration while also making the ink vibrancy pop. Particularly for healed tattoos, the Tattoo Balm Stick instantly enhances and brightens your black, gray, and colored ink. Like any other open wound or scar, touching tattoos with non-thoroughly washed hands is a big no-no. That said, this balm allows you to easily apply the moisturizer without having to worry about transferring dirt and germs from your hands.

Mad Rabbit recommends waiting at least 48 hours after a session before applying any product, including this one, to brand new tattoos. To use, twist up the balm stick and in circular motions start warming the Tattoo Balm Stick on your skin. Then, smooth it over the tattooed areas or anywhere on the body in need of protective moisture. This balm stick can be applied as often as needed, and also used on permanent makeup!

For calming itchiness and sensitivity, Mad Rabbit recommends pairing the Tattoo Balm Stick with its all-natural Soothing Gel. First, gently apply the soothing gel in circular motions to the skin, then follow up with Tattoo Balm Stick to double up on the soothing relief.