Tattoo, Taboo, or Its Creative Too?

Throughout history tattoos have been seen as taboo due to the damaging effects to the skin and indigenous form. Also, as stated by a journalist at Penn State University. “Tattoos were considered a taboo because of the rise of religious beliefs that tattoos were a direct connection with paganism and criminals.” But as we presently know, tattoos are not a taboo or connected to either paganism or criminals. The creative and expressive art is related to heritage, cultural, royalty, and creative expression.

So, we had to ask ourselves, when did tattoos become trendy? Is it fashionable in terms of culture? How is tattooing a way of self-expression? Based on our own research, tattoos are a form of expression that stands the test of time to define heritage, to transform fashion standards, and cultural norms, and to connect oneself to pivotal memories of our past.


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