Chicago has had major success shifting the music culture in the last ten years, even through the street politics and major losses in the industry that sometimes overshadows the success of Chicago rappers, unfortunately. Chicago rapper and drill artist, Macro “TCF Live” Cruz teamed up with Rooga to pay homage to their fallen friend and fellow rising rapper “FBG Duck” with their single “New Duck Flow.”

Fly Boys Gang member Carlton “FBG Duck” Weekly’s career began creating buzz following his hit single “Slide.” Last August, the rising star was murdered.

TCF Live and Rooga became connected through their association with Duck. “The motive behind the song was to pay homage to his (Duck) sound and flow that he created,” says TCF Live. The music video for “New Duck Flow” was directed by TCF Live. TCF Live also directed the music video for “Dead or Gone” by RJTheVoice feat. FBG Duck which featured the FBG Duck family, including his mother, who has been very vocal about his death. Although TCF Live is taking over the underground rap scene in Chicago, his stardom for mainstream notoriety is right around the corner. 

Check out this SHEEN exclusive with TCF Live hosted by Jelisa Raquel.