Hold onto your prescription pads, because we just had an exclusive sit-down with the OG queen herself, Dr. Simone, from ‘Married to Medicine.’ Brace yourselves for a dose of sass, shade, and a sneak peek into the drama brewing in the latest season.

Dr. Simone spilled the beans on the newest addition to the cast, the former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ diva Phaedra Parks. Surprisingly, Phaedra’s entrance into ‘Married to Medicine’ has been less messy and shady than expected. Dr. Simone, astonished, pondered whether this class act could return for another round. According to Simone, Phaedra is not just bringing shade; she’s showcasing the professional boss vibes that define women in the industry.

But let’s talk about the newcomer, Sweet Tea. Dr. Simone didn’t hold back on her thoughts, revealing that Sweet Tea might have waltzed into filming with a dash of naivety. However, the true revelation was about the notorious Dr. Heavenly. Simone emphasized that Dr. Heavenly while having her verbal spats with everyone, remains unapologetically authentic. Lesson learned: spill personal business to Dr. Heavenly at your own risk.

Dr. Simone was quick to address the brewing drama between Sweet Tea and Dr. Heavenly. When informed about Sweet Tea’s claim that Dr. Heavenly was shading her for Quad’s storyline, Dr.

Simone dismissed it as pure fiction. According to Simone, Quad doesn’t need anyone to prop up her narrative; she’s got a fan base, a dating life, and a slew of other projects outside the show. As the tea continues to steep, it’s clear that ‘Married to Medicine’ is serving up another season of drama, intrigue, and unexpected twists. Dr. Simone’s insights give us a glimpse into the personalities clashing and bonding on screen. So, grab your favorite mug and settle in because this season promises to be one for the reality TV history books.


Watch the Sass Unfold: Full Interview with Dr. Simone below: