Despite the irregularities associated with the year 2020,  black-owned cosmetic brand, Center IN, withstood the limitations by the sheer quality of its products and services. The company’s growing popularity for its all-natural skincare products has increased sales ten-fold during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team at Center IN consists of black women wielding that “black girl power” to push the brand’s inventory consisting of skincare and haircare products entirely designed by them.

Center IN Skincare & Candles was founded by Licensed Esthetician, Nesha Blair, and entrepreneur, TK Trinidad. Blair’s valuable expertise in skincare and wellness, gives Center IN an edge to produce unique handmade skincare products and candles that are all-natural and Trinidad’s by any means necessary business development skills help to make the brand a one of a kind force to contend with. True to their mission statement of making innovative products available to people for improved mental wellbeing. Blair and Trinidad reveal their goal is,

“To develop products for the body, mind, and soul that will remind one to look beyond the obvious.”

Much has been said about the fragrances created at Center IN. They are reportedly made from the highest quality of natural essential oils without the addition of any artificial substances. Being a unisex brand, Center IN has been the delight of many people looking to experience the best skincare and wellness routines.

What makes Center IN stand out is its brand image of being an all-black woman-owned company, a perfect example of black women empowerment. The successfully managed business proves how black women can hold up their own and even turn around a situation like the pandemic to their advantage. In doing so, Blair and Trinidad have shown keen business acumen backed of course by a string of products meeting its business goals.

Center IN has been lauded for the quality of its products and affordability. The products marketed by Center IN reflect the company’s high standards and commitment to customer value. Among the popular offerings are massage candles, body wash, body scrubs, beard shampoos, beard oil, hair oil, beard shampoo and body butter made from ingredients like natural cocoa butter, charcoal, brown sugar and turmeric. Keen to contribute its fair share to sustain the earth without compromising on quality, all Center IN products are homemade and completely vegan.

In addition to its sales activities, Center IN offers online consultation services on skincare and judging from a few customer reviews, they do not cost a lot. The perfect blend of quality and affordability has no doubt worked for Nesha Blair and TK Trinidad. Apparently, the secret is simple like the brand’s motto says, “We treat our customers like we want to be treated.”

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