American socialite and dominant beauty mogul, Kim Kardashian is known for always updating her followers on Instagram with flawless photos and huge announcements. However, this past Monday, June 28th the reality star had an announcement like no other. Kim’s step-dad and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete Caitlyn Jenner played a huge part in her love for the Olympic trials and track meets. Since she was 10-years-old she recalls getting details about the games and traveling with her family and step-dad to watch the athletes compete. Now, Kim Kardashian owns a multi-million dollar clothing line called Skims which is now partnering with Team USA to design the official undergarments, pajamas, and loungewear for all the athletes this year in Tokyo. To continue to celebrate this huge accomplishment and include her fans, Kim is also allowing all the pieces to be available in a capsule collation at

Along with the announcement about the partnership with Team USA, Kim uploaded photos of what the clothing would look like. Instead of using models in the photos, she allows her vision to  delve deeper into this personal project and used all Team USA Olympic athletes such as Delilah Muhammad, Scout Bassett, Alex Morgan, and others. Even though the collection is not available yet, it is a very anticipated collection and many believe that once the collection is available it will sell out immediately.