WONDRY Wine, a Black-owned wine business launched in 2021 by husband and wife team Whitney and Chaz Gates,  landed an investment deal on ABC’s Shark Tank at the end of last year.

Less than 1% of the wine and spirits industry ownership is represented by Black people. The Gates couple is part of that 1%.

WONDRY Cocktail Wines has a fruit-infused sangria collection with heightened alcohol content. Their fruit-leading, semi-sweet wines contain organic berries and exotic fruit extract for a succulent smooth finish.

The couple behind the brand, Chaz And Whitney Gates, believe that great-tasting wine should be enjoyed by all. We had a chance to learn more about the brand and its experience since Shark Tank.

What has business been like since the show?

Business is booming! Within just a few months after Shark Tank our business grew 1000%. We signed a multi-year partnership deal with the world’s leading distributor & gained distribution in nearly 200 new retail stores including the world’s largest wine retailer, Costco, Target, Total Wine, Kroger, Spec’s, Goody Goody & the Look Cinemas. We’re currently working to expand across the states!

It’s Women’s History Month. Give us two women in business you look up to and why.

Oprah has solidified her position as one of the most influential people in the world, starting from the bottom to build an incredibly relevant & relatable lifestyle brand that spans an impressive range of consumer categories.

Despite ups & downs, Martha Stewart has shown immense resiliency. She’s always remained authentic to herself & her personal brand. More recently she’s demonstrated her broad-reaching popularity & appeal by captivating the millennial generation with partnerships with Snoop Dogg & creative projects in the food, wine & entertainment space.

You are making history! How does it feel knowing that you are making space for other minority-owned businesses to thrive in the industry?

We are truly humbled by the opportunity to pursue our passion for wine while paving a way for others like us. As a part of the less than 1% of American winemakers who are Black, we learned very quickly who & what we represent to our Black community. We want to demonstrate the power of perseverance & pursuing your dreams against all odds. The strength in challenging the status quo despite social/cultural convention. Years from now when people think of WONDRY we want them to envision two young, Black dreamers who weren’t afraid to take on the likes of giants because they had faith in who they were & what their ancestors called them to be.



Photo Credits: Chaz And Whitney Gates