TeaMarrr is more than just a recording artist. She’s a whole vibe. Hailing from Boston but now residing in sunny Los Angeles, the rising star arrives with her own unique voice, unmatched energy, and out-of-this-world personality, always carrying one of her teacups, which all get crowned with a different name. 

Exploding onto the scene with her breakout single “One Job,” whose music video hails over 2.6 million views and counting, TeaMarrr is the definition of Black Girl Magic. Someone proud of her melanin and super protective of her energy. In fact, TeaMarr recently picked up her own spiritual bodyguard, whom she keeps by her side in case shit hits the fan.

Serving as the flagship artist to Issa Rae’s Raedio imprint, TeaMarrr continues to bless her fans with nothing but meaningful, feel-good bops. Most recently, Teamarrr unleashed her newest single, “Show Love,” reminding folks of the importance of dancing and living your best life possible at all times.

Sheen Magazine caught up with TeaMarrr shortly after her virtual performance with Encore, Kid Cudi’s new app. Read below as we discuss her new song “Show Me Love,” her mental health, signing to Issa Rae’s label, Black Girl Magic, beauty go-to’s, her spiritual bodyguard, and more!


For those who don’t know, who is Teamarrr?

Teamarrr with three R’s cause I’m really, really raw! I’m totally enthused about making art that’s really, really raw. That’s what my name stands for, “Totally Enthused About Making Art That’s Really Really Raw.” I am eccentric. I am vibrant. I am colorful.



Love your new song, “Show Me Love.” Who or what inspired this song?

Oh my God, the truth? I was sad on shrooms in the session. I was on my Whitney shit: “I want to dance with somebody that loves me!” My co-writer said, “T, what do you want to write about? What do you want” I said, “I just want to be happy! And I want to dance with somebody new, I want somebody new in my life!” So I manifested that. [laughs] 

The music video is so beautiful. It shows you in your prime.

Thank you! I’m entering my goddess realm, and I really feel like that. Even the cup is a little more goddess-y. This is Anhellica. She’s angelic but with “hell” in it because you can’t have a little heaven without a little hell. That’s the vibes. I’m doing a lot of shadow work with my love and myself. It’s bringing out this light in me that I didn’t know could be brighter. 

How’s your mental health?

COVID’s been really rough. I got a therapist, though! Shout out Atlantic Records. They did this thing where if you’re signed to them, you get to have an account with Talkspace. So once a month, you can talk to someone. I’m always venting to that lady. I’m like, “Bitch, look what happened today!” [laughs] Always texting her. 

What does it mean to be signed to Issa Rae’s label? 

It’s pretty dope because I’m the first girl to be the face of it, but it’s a whole lot of blankets of clout. [laughs] It’s cute, though. I’m not mad at it. I’m not upset. Issa’s cool. 

What are those conversations with Issa?   

One time she came over, and I made her dinner. We drank Snoop Dogg’s wine, and I made her this chicken thing. I messed it up, but she liked it! I messed up the sauce. It should have been thicker. She knows what I’m talking about. We painted together. I still have the painting. Whenever somebody comes over to my house to paint with me, I always keep their paintings. I have a collage of people who have come over and painted in the notebook. 

What does Black Girl Magic mean to you?

My goodness, that’s breathing to me! [laughs] I found out there’s a lot of magical compartments in life, let alone women of certain colors, foods, and drinks. But when a black girl does it, there’s something about it that’s more potent. I don’t know what it is, but we’re really bright. 

What are your beauty go-to’s?

Fenty, AJ Crimson, and Fab House. Shoutout my sister’s new hair store called Fab House in Massachusetts! Go check it out.   

I love your hair today!

Thank you! This is Cynthia.

What can we expect from the new album?

It’s called You Should Probably Sit Down for This, even though you probably won’t because I’m super manic. You’re gonna want to dance to it anyway, but it’s definitely super reflective. It takes you through a journey of falling in love with something. I always make it a boy because it’s easier. I’m telling a story, and I want to find a new way to tell it. It’s done, but I’m re-working things. 

Is Tea dating? 

Tea is dating! She’s dating or whatever, but she’s polyamorous. It means she has a man, but she be in the ethers. 

Damn! Does the man care? 

The man cares about me and who I let enter me. You know energetically. [laughs]

Can you talk about your spiritual bodyguard? 

This is Bear! He has a business where he’s starting to collect a bunch of spiritually protected people, whether they’re drivers or people on set. He’s energetically keeping the space. If someone gets antsy, he’s like, “let me get her out of the way.” He’s observant. It’s different from security, very different from security.

Bear: You start by learning the person. After that, you want to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie and want to support their strengths. 

Anything else you want to let us know? 

Be happy! Try to be happy. Do stuff your inner child likes to do because it gets hard out here. This was fun! You gotta sip out of my cup. 

How many cups do you have now?

I have 11 official ones, maybe 20 in general.

Photos courtesy of Atlantic Records