Providing Lessons On What Not To Do On The Internet 

Technology and lifestyle expert, television contributor, thought leader, speaker and author, Stephanie Humphrey, aka Techlife Steph, released the second edition of her book, Don’t Let Your Digital Footprint Kick You In The Butt!. Originally released in August 2020, the book highlights the importance of maintaining a positive digital reputation and outlines the ways people should go about doing so. The second edition includes a foreword by Dr. Monique Bell. The new edition also features a bonus section with tips for aspiring social media influencers. Recent statistics show that this career is becoming more and more popular among younger generations.  

Don’t Let Your Digital Footprint Kick You In The Butt! is written for both adults and children of all ages. It focuses on three main areas, How Does Your Digital Footprint Lead to Your Personal Brand?, What Happens When Your Digital Footprint Takes a Wrong Turn? and How to Make Sure Your Digital Footprint Is on the Right Path?. The book offers real-life examples of the long-term impact that mistakes made on social media can have on your career and life. Don’t Let Your Digital Footprint Kick You In The Butt! also provides advice on how to create a positive digital imprint.  

A former engineer, Stephanie contributes to national television including ABC News, Good Morning America and GMA3 and other media including Cheddar TV, Essence, HuffPost and the Karen Hunter Show on SiriusXM’s Urban View.  

Additionally, for more than a decade, she has been educating students and their parents on social media responsibility through a seminar she created named Til Death Do You Tweet.  

With digital media being extremely prominent in today’s society and people witnessing the serious consequences of social media missteps every day, Humphrey saw the need for this timely guide. She says, “In this day and age, it’s never too early to understand how your digital footprint can lead people directly to your personal brand.” To celebrate the release of the expanded edition of Don’t Let Your Digital Footprint Kick You In The Butt, Humphrey will host a book-signing and fireside chat with WDAS-FM (Philadelphia) radio personality, Patty Jackson, on Thursday, September 21st at P4 Hub (4537 Wayne Avenue) in Philadelphia, PA.  

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