For Hollywood actress and producer A’Noelle, the journey to become a power player in film and TV is well within arm’s reach. Her path has been one of hard work, ethics, and a curiosity that keeps her reading, learning, and taking notes.

In her early years of pursuing acting, an embarrassing performance almost stunted her career. “My journey started when I was young. When I was in grade school, I was in the school play. I thought I was going to be able to perform, until I stood on stage. I forgot every, single, line and everyone laughed at me.”

But the laughter only muted her for a minute. “Fast forward to high school, I had a theatre teacher, Mrs. Halpin, and a choir teacher, Mr. Dickerson, who both helped me gain my confidence. Mrs. Halpin encouraged me to sign up for her theatre class and I did. Mr. Dickerson always encouraged me to sing. I was encouraged to audition for the spring play and, truthfully, I was NOT interested. However, Mrs. Halpin convinced me to audition, and I was hooked ever since. I performed as General Cartwright in Guys and Dolls and that musical changed my life forever,” she tells Sheen.

A few years later, A’Noelle packed her bags and went to college in North Carolina, where she would eventually graduate with a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts. “I originally wanted to be a theatre actress until I realized the pay was incredibly low. As much as I loved theatre, I knew I needed a viable way to pay my bills as well as do what I love to do. I decided to go back home to Tacoma, WA and work at KBTC Public Television as a receptionist,” A’Noelle says.

In the interview room, I expressed to the team my dreams and aspirations. I was hired and built my relationships with the production team. I had an incredible support system! My former boss, Brent Mason, pushed me to learn everything. I learned post-production, master control operations, did voice over work, wrote copy for the station, and so much more!,” she added.

As A’Noelle started building her confidence, she learned about production assistant work. “I knew I needed to get into the film industry but wanted to navigate the industry safely. I found a program, Friends In Film, (an expensive program at that) where I learned how to be a production assistant and how to move up quickly. I took it and ran with it! I started calling every production coordinator in the state of Washington, introducing myself as a PA. I wanted to learn and grow and I was determined to work in the film industry.”

It wasn’t long before she started working on amazing commercials and tv shows. Understanding the power of connections, Noel built authentic relationships with producers, directors, and the crew members that she met on set. “In my career, especially early in my journey, I would bring a notebook and pen, and during breaks, I would ask everyone on set what they do for a living and why they chose their profession. I learned early on that being genuinely interested in people will strengthen your relationships and will help you understand HOW the film business works,” she says.

A’Noelle recently sat down with SHEEN to discuss mentorship, faith and fearlessness, and share advice on how to navigate the film industry safely.


Understanding the value of mentorship, How did you meet your mentor and what did you learn from her?

I worked as a production assistant as well as auditioned for commercials and tv shows. I ended up signing with one of the most prestigious talent agencies in Seattle (Topo Swope Talent) and worked on some amazing projects. One of them was a show called The Librarians (formerly on the TNT Network). While on that production, I met a woman who would play my stepmother on the show, and become one of my dearest friends and mentor, Gia Carides. Ms. Carides inspired me to make the move to Los Angeles.

In February 2018, I took her advice and made the move. I packed my car and drove from Tacoma, WA to Los Angeles, California. Since then, I haven’t stopped working. The move to Los Angeles has been a faith walk. I had less than $1300.00 in my account, but I had unrelenting faith that everything would come together.


How has your life changed and what have you been able to accomplish since you moved to LA?

Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve been able to work and meet my favorite actors and performers. Recently, I worked as a Production Coordinator for Complex Networks. The show, No-Cosign, recently won a Silver Telly for Best Documentary for Online. This award is my first award in the film industry and I couldn’t be more excited for my journey. We worked as a team and a family and I am grateful that we were recognized for our hard work.

As of now, I work for Blavity, Inc which now becoming the biggest media hub for Black entertainment and travel. I couldn’t be more excited to see how my journey unfolds with them. I am still young in the industry, and I am just getting started! My dream is to become one of the most powerful producers and actresses in the game. I am well on my way to accomplishing that goal.


What is your advice to creatives about excelling in Hollywood and the industry?

The best advice I can give to creatives is to always learn about your craft and have unrelenting belief and faith in yourself. My oldest sister always says, “It’s not only about who you know, but it’s about who knows YOU!” When I started my journey in film, I had a notebook and pen, and I would talk to every single person in their departments asking them about their jobs.

Firmly understand that this industry is one of the toughest industries to tackle. There is so much misinformation out there. For the young professionals out there, no self-respecting producer will dm you personally and tell you to meet them at a private location. Make sure to trust your gut.

Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with starting your career as a production assistant. In fact, it’s the best way, in my opinion, to begin a career in film. Find film groups online and start meeting people! Join 48-hour film festival groups in your area. Go to screenwriting groups, join your local theatre house, take film and acting classes. Immerse yourself in the art AND business. Find a way to work inside the film industry. For me, becoming a production assistant helped my career! People MUST know who you are. Lastly, rest but don’t quit. Times are tough, and they will be times that seem overwhelming. Take breaks but never quit on your dreams.

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Cathryn Farnsworth Photography