The most certain sign of wisdom is cheerfulness—Michel De Montaigne

As The Happiness Warrior, I’ve always felt the joy of connection that comes when meeting others of similar attitude and mindset. The happy beings who walk among us who’re always ready with a smile or empathetic nod. Heads held high and eyes open with intention and perspective. An innate need to step in and help others when they are lost and feeling hurt. An unwavering compulsion to set things right in a world that can feel hostile and uninviting. They know how to help others feel good about themselves. 

To realize their value and meaning. To help others create purpose and take steps where we were once afraid to walk. Cheerful and courageous in all aspects of life. The leaders and warriors we need the most right now. Forging their way through the chaos unwavering in their mission of happiness.

When I was growing up the one person in my life who was reliably happy and cheerful was my Aunt Nancy. She was full of love and light for everyone in her circles. Thoughtfulness and empathy were two of her greatest qualities that she personified in her way of living. She was unwavering in her ability and desire to make change and advocate for those who were disabled, disadvantaged, and unheard. She carried herself like a warrior, never succumbing to fear, fighting battles that often led to disappointment. She never tired, never wavered, and created changing perspectives that helped make the world around us better. She exemplified one of the great truths in life; a cheerful attitude is a sign of wisdom.

Everywhere my aunt went people would flock to her and share their stories and problems. Often I would hear them telling her how much her words had meant to them and how their lives had changed. She came from a long line of courageous women and contained their inherited wisdom.

To choose to be cheerful is a choice to expand courage and grow stronger. It’s the way forward in a world that can feel hostile and unwelcoming. It’s in our courage and determination that we can choose the posture and demeanor that serves us best in any situation. Facing forward and always in momentum with a sense of internal happiness and knowing. An understanding that we are all imperfect in one way or another. Our personal truth is found in the codes and values that came before us that solidify in our blood and create our core values and intentions. Cheerfulness is the anti-dote and change we need to change our ways and redefine our values.

A cheerful smile is usually accompanied by a twinkling eye. A look on the face that tells us that we’re happy and self-confident. There’s more to the smile than can be illuminated with words. Our eyes are the window to our spirit and soul.

My Aunt Nancy and I were extremely close throughout the most critical developmental years of my life until the day she passed away. She was another mother, and I was the son she never had. She believed in the spirit world and was in touch with her intuitive powers. Our Swedish heritage was so clearly defined in her stoic nature, intellectual reasoning, and mission of serving the greater good.. Her presence and strong voice would arouse cheerfulness wherever she went, and she will be long remembered. The original Happiness Warrior exemplified in her life.

I learned so much about myself from all three of my aunts, each one remarkable in their own lives and accomplishments. With one thing in common, their ability to maintain a cheerful mindset in even the most tangled and abominable conditions. Wisdom passed through generations that guided intention, mindset, and destiny. Intelligent smiles that generate respect and connection.

How do we trust anyone but through their actions? In my family we do as we believe and not always as we’re told. Life is much better when we know that happiness is internal and self-generated. A cheerful individual is one who cares about others who also loves and values themselves.

In this upside-down world of ours it so easy for us to discount, malign, and fear those that are happy and full of cheer. In their jest and sarcasm, they are making fun of what they dread the most in themselves.

Life in the negative lane is so easy to succumb and surrender to. Negativity breeds negativity and helps us to form a narrative based on unhealthy assumptions, fear of change, and fluidity. So much energy wasted and reduced to ashes. Resisting the truth and sinking further into depression and malaise. This is one of the greatest problems we have in the world right now. Stuck in an unhealthy paradigm of regret and confusion. So many chances and opportunities that go down the drain.


One of life’s many truths is that the attitude we take for life is one of our choosing. We can choose to be happy in all situations and aspects of life. While perfection is nebulous and unobtainable, a cheerful attitude is all we need to find more happiness in life and love ourselves for who we are. Cheerful people are the leaders and change-makers who help us to evolve and see ourselves in a new light. They are instrumental in any situation or paradigm of life. In battle or in peace a cheerful mindset is how we create the lives we deserve and need in this time of profound change and disconnection. In the game of life cheerful people play it to win!

In a world with so many negative emotions and feelings, one of the healthiest things we can do as humans is to allow ourselves forgiveness as a means to finding greater mental clarity.


1.      Create a plan for happiness and define needs, abilities, and goals to get there. Dig deep, forgive, and let the past go. This is a time to be aware that we are all capable of renewal and reinvention. Rise from the ashes and create a new mindset and vibration where happiness reigns.

–          Understand why a happy life is important and meaningful.

–          Make a plan for building skills that lead to a happier life!

–          Determine which happiness skills are strengths and focus on their intention.

–          Fully commit to living a happier life even if it means being uncomfortable.


2.      Allow and arrange time for personal development. Make this a priority even if it means letting other things go. The first step is giving ourselves permission and believing in ourselves. It is mind blowing how happy this can make us feel.

3.      Know that in even the hardest times there are messages and lessons that will make us more resilient and happier eventually. Never give up on creating a more positive mindset and avoid those who live on a lower frequency of self-hate and fear.

4.      Break-through any comfort barriers and boost self-confidence and self-esteem by taking action. It is amazing how much we can accomplish when we approach this process with forgiveness and patience.  Life always looks better when we emerge from the other side.

5.      Focus on work/life balance and seek ways to be happier in the workplace. Stay away from those who appear lazy and talk about others. They will never help us rise and waste our productivity and lower vibration.

6.      Develop emotional resilience and see how much easier it is to get up after we’ve been knocked down. Wisdom will always prevail and next time we’ll be more prepared and solid in our approach and mission.

7.       Mindfulness is an often-overused term that has lost much of its meaning in our modern life. Too often we go for years on autopilot only to realize that our physical and mental health has degraded, and we’ve missed the best parts of life.

— Be more present in the here and now. I frequently remind myself that I have everything I need and feel contentment.

— Take technology breaks regularly and go for a walk.

— Pay attention!

— Spend time alone and uninterrupted regularly.

8.      We all want our lives to matter and have significance. This can be a tricky area and can lead to feelings of low self-esteem. We are not all destined for greatness, but we can each make a positive impact in the world around us. Empathy and a humble attitude will take us far and create more magic and happiness.

9.      Practice kindness and intentionally spread happiness. This is how we keep happiness alive and come to the aid of those who are suffering. A life in service to others is a life with purpose, understanding, and happiness.

10. Healthy relationships and bonds are the key to a happy life. Seek other happy people and join others in cheerful communion. The power of happiness is unequalled when it’s shared with others.

Much life happiness, a cheerful life is available to all of us when we believe that we are worth it and give ourselves permission to feel our very best. A cheerful life is a happy life and a path that we’ll never regret!


Photo Credit: THWARRIOR