The holidays are a time that brings up images of joy and celebration, but too often they’re also a place when we can feel depressed, shunned, and disconnected. There’s no time of year that we’re supposed to be happier, but too often our bad habits, hurt feelings, and self-created emotions get in the way. Its the season that makes us remember the most.

Without even knowing it most of our memories have been altered by consumerism and idealized nostalgia. We’ve been programmed by our consumer driven culture to embellish our happiest memories, and shop for things that have no meaning. Our stories begin to fluctuate and reality can feel like a dream.

The holidays are when hope is once again on our minds, and we seek to recreate the good times we most remember. It’s up to us to set our attitude and mindset. It’s best to expect nothing and give more than we receive. It’s an ego-driven habit that we can break and conquer. Creating new habits that help us find clarity and forgiveness.

A better holiday is our decision to make when we learn to change our thoughts and behaviors. A time where new habits need our focus and attention.

In my younger years most of the important holidays focused on family with my grandparents at the head of the table. My Grandfather would carve the turkey or roast while my grandmother would be at the stove hurriedly stirring the gravy. This is when we felt like a family most when all three generations were together. These are the holidays that I will always keep in my memories. A time long past and altered by change and familial dysfunction. The way that most of us survive in a world that feels like it’s spinning faster. Societal and media pressures constantly causing us to question our identity. A world where resilience is more important than empathy. A place where politics and regressive behaviors have split our families and friendships.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that the solutions that we need to heal and reunite once again are found solely within ourselves. There’s no value in blaming others or shirking responsibility.  As individuals we have the power to think for ourselves and learn to speak our truth. To find our authentic voice and live in our self-created reality. A place from within where we can rise above the chaos. New leaders and warriors for a happier way of life and mindset. The ability to be our best each day and vow to be the better the next. Humans united with a cause to lead by example. New ways of thinking and healthier habits and customs are formed.

It’s a life mission to create a better path and create better structures and systems in our lives. One new habit once learned and applied leads to others that help us move forward with joy and momentum. A better world where we have the clarity to reject our inherent biases. An eye-opening journey to change our lives for the better. Good habits in life to use every day. Habits that help us raise our vibration. Restoring our connection with the source of all energy.

The following are healthy habits that will raise our self-esteem and vibration in any situation. They are truthful and not to be denied. Ten easy ways to shift our attitude and mindset and live in a greater state of happiness for the holidays and beyond:

1.       Gratitude is a powerful life changing mindset that will only improve our lives and make us more appealing to others. It’s a powerful catalyst for change and acceptance. When we cultivate gratitude we can appreciate and acknowledge all of the positive aspects of our lives.

2.       Mindfulness and meditation can help us find inner peace and better understand ourselves. It helps us to live in the present and shift our focus away from our mistakes and focus on what we do well. It helps us to feel present and know that all that matters is where we are right now. It can help us find contentment and intention. Helping us to better regulate and understand our emotions.

3.       Regular physical exercise helps life our mood and reduce stress. It can also make more self-confident and able to feel happier with ourselves. The great our ability to experience happiness the healthier and more vibrant we become. A constant reminder that happiness is a state of mind and not condition on the approval or consent of others.

A walk with others of different mindsets and attitudes is a good time to relax and break down barriers.

4.       Strong relationships and old friendships are a testimony of our ability to be loyal and empathetic. People with long term friendships tend to lead happier and healthier lives. They are also able to weather uncomfortable obstacles and social situations. They know that no matter what they’re true friends are always there to back them up and set things right.

5.       Nutritional health is critical for getting through the holidays and still feeling good about ourselves. There’s no substitute or fad that diet that counts more than eating consistently at the same time every day with the same portion sizes. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that comfort food is something we deserve whenever we feel down or disappointed. A great goal for the rest of our lives is to get into the habit of starting every meal with a salad or large serving of vegetables. This prevents us from overeating and shows us how much food we actually need to feel good and prevent disease and illness.

6.       Setting goals helps us to achieve our mission and keep moving forward in life. Goals can be small and temporary, or they can be life-spanning and forever keep us focused on our dreams. It’s important to be able to be able to give ourselves goals without anyone else’s consent or permission.

7.       Focus on kindness and forgiveness to get through any sticky holiday situations and realize that empathy is the solution. We’re more in control of the situation and destiny when we are able to look at others with compassion no matter how vile they might seem. We don’t need to bring them into our lives, but life is easier when we respect their right to exist.

8.       Embracing growth is a process that reminds us that happiness is journey and not something tangible that we can hold and keep. Perspective is ours alone to determine and broaden. The better we can see different sides the better we can see. Learning and knowing that we can be better is a way to get through any circumstance that we can imagine. It’s never as bad as we think it will be, is an attitude that will work wonders.

9.       Understanding time and the meaning that it has in our too short lives is how we can live in the present and feel happier in the now. How we spend our time is no else’s business and our living in our truth is the most important. It’s always a good idea to check in with our priorities and realign ourselves with our purpose and values. What was once important will soon lose it’s important when we can reconcile who we are and where we’re going.

10.   Taking a break from consumerism and screen time is the best holiday habit of all and one that we can take advantage of always in our lives. It’s our decision and most of the time the world won’t end. Disconnecting is how we learn to create more self-respect and inner happiness.

Now is a better time than never to change our mindset and alter the course of our lives for the better. One in which we have more control of our thoughts and emotions. When our actions have purpose, and we feel free to open our eyes and minds. Each of us alone has the power and responsibility to change our mindset and perspective. What was once so difficult can be easier than expected when we know we are in charge. It’s the belief in ourselves and the change in our habits that will make all the difference. This is the year when we make the holidays something to cherish once again!


Submitted by: The Happiness Warrior

Photo Credits: The Happiness Warrior