It’s 2021 Texas Southern University just won the SWAC in basketball, Megan Thee Stallion brings home three Grammys, and in the midst of COVID getting back to normal life is a key source of strength. The illustrious Tiger family continues to show why HBCUs are important to the community especially in tough times.  I had a chance to interview Graduate Assistant Office of Student Life and Assistant Soccer Coach Cameron Flowers.

Why is having student activities still important for the growth of student life on campus?

Having student activities is still important for the growth of student life on campus because it gives opportunities for students to engage with their colleagues and staff members.

How has school life changed since COVID last year?

COVID has changed school life drastically seeing that in person events have been minimized as well as instruction being mostly online, students have opted to stay at home and complete their courses instead of coming to campus and enjoying the on-campus experience. 

Do you think universities/colleges can get back to their normal lives?

With the help of science, proper CDC protocol and specifically the ingenuity of the covid vaccine; I believe universities can get close to back to normal by the fall semester.

Texas Southern University is considered the heart of Houston how has that statement rang true in the past few months?

I think sometimes it takes life challenges to test the unity of any business or institution. Texas southern has shown a collaborative effort to ensure that the university has stood the test and stayed above water despite all the challenges the university has faced. So yes, the statement about the heart of Houston has rang true but in a different way which is how we respond to adversity.