It’s officially that time of year! It’s BET Awards week in Los Angeles, and everyone is outside.

But on Friday, June 28th, there was only one place to be: the Culture Creators Brunch. Taking place annually at the iconic Beverly Hilton hotel, this highly-anticipated event draws in the who’s who of the industry, from artists to executives to everyone in between.

And for this being the eighth official Culture Creators Innovators and Leaders Awards Brunch, it was only right to do it big. This year, Teyana Taylor was honored with the Innovator of The Year Award, recognized “for her profound influence on music, fashion, film and culture.” And for anyone who’s been following her journey, they know her talents extend far beyond music. Teyana recently acted in big films such as A Thousand and One and The Book of Clarence, even set to make her directorial debut on Get Lite starring Storm Reid.

In receiving her award, Teyana begins by thanking God for all her blessings. 

“Heavenly Father God, I thank you for who you are,” Teyana states. “All seen, all knowing, and all powerful. Let me tell you something about your favorite. Father God, your favorite cannot be stopped. You hear me? I know you hear me, so let your daughter cook. [laughs] Lord, you told me in John 8:12 that you are the light of the world and you wouldn’t have the walk in darkness because you would have the light that leads to life. You promised to protect me from the evil in the face of adversity and you rescued me, so I humbly submit to you and thank you.”

She continues, “Thank you for reminding me that your love and blessings don’t come with conditions. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for accepting me in every form I’ve ever come to you. Thank you for wiping every tear away when I thought the weight was punishment, because you’ve made it very clear now that it was just preparation.”

Teyana rocked a blonde bob and a beautiful beige outfit, while showing off them legs!

Celebrity sightings include Angela Simmons, YK Osiris, Pretty Vee, Regina King, Joey Badass, Lena Waithe, and more.


Photo Credit: Joshua Brito