61st Street is an upcoming American legal drama television series created by Peter Moffat that is set to premiere on AMC on April 10, 2022. The premise being Moses Johnson, a promising, black high school athlete, is swept up into the infamously corrupt Chicago criminal justice system. Taken by the police as a supposed gang member, Johnson finds himself and his lawyer Franklin Roberts in the eye of the storm as police and prosecutors seek revenge for the death of an officer during a drug bust gone wrong. 61st Street (TV series) – Wikipedia

Sheen Magazine had the opportunity to speak with two of the amazing co-stars of this highly anticipated show 61stStreet. Courtney B. Vance (Franklin Roberts) and Tosin Cole (Moses Johnson) to discuss, the script, set life and what’s we can expect on the show.

We had the opportunity to ask Courtney B. Vance and Toslin Cole about working together.

Sims replied, “I look up to Courtney in so many ways. I admire the way he works and the way he controls the set in the most gentleman-like manner. Like his orra, his presence, he makes sure everybody, everybody, it could be a crew of down to 100 people, 150 people, he’s going to give people eye contact and let them know that they’re all in it together. Just that approach made me think, that I want to be like that”.

Vance adds, “It’s all about the people. I’m only as good as he is and my job is to make him feel comfortable and make everyone around me feel comfortable so that if everybody is comfortable then we can potentially do our best work and find out what this scene is about and that’s the bottom line”.

Be sure to tune in for the first Season of this impactful courtroom drama, 61st Street airing on AMC, on April 10, 2022.