Many international students, like myself, have sprung of faith and venation to leave their home country in hope for an excellent and very pricey education opportunity based on the land of the Free. I must say it’s one of the most stressful decisions by leaving your country, friends, and even family at some points. And to be living in a foreign land where everything exactly seems to be bigger and I’m not talking about the food portions. But with a wider variety of colleges and universities with degrees that will go bygone your dreams.

However, here some truths on the entire experience on the life of an international student.

  1. There will be times will your name will be mispronouncing your name or question the origin of your name.

Starbucks and the first day of class can be exciting.

  1. You will always be confused about converting dollars to your home currency.

Google isn’t always going to be there.

  1. Finding that the dollar store, truly sales dollar store products.
  2. More substantial Portion in fast food restaurants will be shocking to you.

McDonald’s in your home country isn’t the same in the States. Oh My.

  1. For the most part, you will be isolated for some time especially your first year and semester

Some advice: being alone isn’t that bad, especially if you’re an introvert, but only if you choose to embrace it; yes, it can be lonely, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Besides, many students and individuals are going through adapting to the new atmosphere. It’s only a matter of time before you get used to everything.  But, appreciate being by yourself because you’ll make friends and there will be such a thing alone.

  1. Having Relationships and Making Friends will be a Challenge.

The first day of school, and you’ll gradually see that everyone is in their category of friends, either by how they dress and even the slang they use. While you are observing in the corner waiting for someone to have a brief but meaningful conversation.

Your anxiety will gradually set in and. If you have been on campus, you might see a few familiar faces from your classes.  Where there you’re an introvert like myself or even an extrovert, socializing is quiet the scariest challenge for an international student.

  1. Know that your friends and family from back home are living their lives.

When moving abroad for your education, you have decided to change but not too much when it comes to those who love you. When it comes to reuniting with your family and friends, which can seem enough but often strange, the first thing you will promise is that you will keep in touch either texting or social media or keeping it original a phone call.  However, you get into your daily schedule as an international student life; you will find yourself connected less and less. You’ll be, and sometimes they will take it personally.

Being far and going abroad for your studies in like a new strange, and at time stress adventure, gradually a unique experience in your unorganized chapter. You will hopefully have time to catch up with your friends and. Your assignment isn’t the only thing that needs to be caught up at times.