According to the CDC, the life expectancy among Black/African Americans is four years lower than that of White Americans. Although it’s 2022, minority populations are still experiencing higher rates of poor health and disease in a range of health conditions, including diabetes, obesity, asthma, heart disease, and more.

One company and its founders are on a mission to bridge the gap of health challenges among with African American community and beyond.  ABCD & Company (ABCD) is a national, award-winning, full-service marketing and events firm, specializing in stakeholder engagement and multicultural communications located in Washington, D.C

In January of 2014, Amber Dozier, Brittanye Calhoun, Corey Briscoe, and Durecia Moorer, founded ABCD & Company. Since then, they’ve been dedicated to giving back to the community in a major way. Every business sets profit goals, however, ABCD & Co also focuses on setting service goals. The company participates in one corporate social responsibility project per quarter.

To date, they’ve curated over 1,000 Pro-Bono Hours, donated over $25,000 to charities of their choice, including but not limited to Junior Achievement, and other local endeavors, and accumulated over 100 hours of community service.

Can you tell us more about the company, ABCD & Company?

Headquartered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, ABCD & Company (ABCD) is a national, award-winning, full-service marketing and events agency with a global reach. Often viewed as an anomaly in the space, ABCD is Black-owned, Woman-owned, and founded by four Howard University alumni – Amber Dozier, Brittanye Briscoe, Corey Briscoe, and Durecia Moorer. Our purpose is to cultivate relationships that touch lives and create a better world through an integrated approach known as the Core Four: Marketing and Advertising, Digital Solutions, Events, and Creative Services

Why is it important that every business should adopt a social responsibility culture?

A social responsibility culture is vital for the growth and success of an organization as it empowers everyone working there to be invested and proud of the work, they do not just for their customers but in their community as well. Ultimately a socially responsible culture:

  • Develops cultural competency
  • Enhances the work environment
  • Contributes to the bottom line
  • Cultivates Brand ambassadors and connectivity

What are some tips that would be advised to adopt a social responsibility culture and what is social responsibility culture?

Social responsibility culture is a collective experience that is driven by personal accountability and ownership through volunteerism, board involvement, and philanthropy and those are just a few.

  • Be clear about your brand mission and how it connects to the causes you care about.
  • Be open to suggestions and ideas regarding social responsibility initiatives.

Some people prefer charitable contributions while others prefer to be deeply involved in the work at a grassroots level. Make it possible for everyone to get involved.

What does the future of black philanthropy impacting the community one cause at a time truly mean to ABCD & Company?

I proudly say that ABCD is a magical place. Our culture drives our impact and our results. We have been fortunate to successfully pivot during the pandemic and as a result experience a

significant increase in revenue growth and team expansion. One thing about our brand is that we are intentional about every interaction. We don’t have to do any of this because we have to. It is a choice and a concerted effort, yet we are privileged to do all of it.

What is the impact the company desires to leave on the community they are involved with?

ABCD & Company is committed to social responsibility and believes in the philosophy of “doing well while doing good.” Our hope is that those we support feel authentic and we have a genuine concern for their well-being. The legacy that we will leave as an agency is that we do marketing and events, but really we are inspiring leaders.

What can we expect from ABCD & Company in the future?

Expansion of the ABCD footprint is a priority! Our client list is representative of the communities we serve and where we want to drive impact. We have such a diverse portfolio of companies we support. From hospitality groups, healthcare entities, financial institutions, associations, and DEI initiatives, our business growth is consistent because we understand our influence and contributions to society. We did not get here alone, and the consistent goal is to pay it forward. We plan to exceed our giving goals.

Our current giving efforts include the leading gift ($100,000) for the St. Jude Research Hospital’s Dr. Rudolph Jackson Campaign which honors the valiant efforts of the first African American doctor at St. Jude. Not only are we giving but committed to getting others to come alongside this work. Dr. Jackson’s research contributions to sickle cell disease, a common genetic disorder that impacts 1 out of every 365 Black or African American births continue to pave the way for sickle cell researchers today.

We are also doubling down on our service to local charities that have a specific focus on impacting the lives of members of the Black community.

How can people connect with you to learn more, as well as continue to follow ABCD & Company?

ABCD & Company is in the midst of a rebrand rollout and the updated website is set to launch mid-summer. Feel free to stay connected by subscribing to the ABCD newsletter on the landing page or by following us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the handle @abcdandcompany.

If you are interested in supporting the St. Jude Children’s Hospital Dr. Jackson campaign, donate here.