On a Saturday evening, Sheen had the pleasure of conversing with Brittney Dorey. As an upcoming actress, producer, writer, and business owner/designer, she wears many hats. Rooted in her faith as a follower of God and her role as a mother, these aspects form the foundation that keeps her grounded in purpose.

Our phone conversation began with me asking about the origins of her journey. It all started when Brittney was eight years old in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Enamored with reenacting scenes from TV, she discovered her love for acting and using her imagination to craft stories. At eleven, she got her first camera, sparking a cascade of production shoots. She dabbled in creating sketches, crafting her own TV shows, interviewing stuffed animals, recreating America’s funniest videos with her stepsister and brother, and staging Broadway shows—a glimpse into the myriad ways she channeled her creative drive.

On her journey to Hollywood, Brittney faced setbacks that paused her life, but her dreams remained resilient. Despite challenges, she completed college, moved to L.A. with her four-year-old, and pursued the dream planted in her heart by God. The transition wasn’t easy, marked by struggles, yet in the end, they always had what they needed. Brittney secured an internship with Bunim-Murray Productions, paving the way for her first role as a production assistant on “Kendall’s Sweet 16,” then progressing to “Khloe and Lamar” Season 2 and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” Season 7.

While mastering the intricacies behind the scenes, Brittney felt a longing to fulfill her true calling—acting. Post her last job, she took sporadic background roles. A turning point came in 2017 when she secured a speaking role on the TV show “Family Time,” portraying the love interest of “Wesley Jonathan.”

Navigating the unpredictable entertainment industry, Brittney’s perseverance paid off in 2021 with a role on the CW’s Dynasty, directed by “Heather Tom” of “Young and the Restless”. This triumph held special meaning, creating a celebration tinged with nostalgia for Brittney and her late grandmother, a devoted fan of “Young and the Restless.” Following a nudge from God, Brittney returned to Arkansas in 2021, and in 2022, she was approached by independent director “Mark Harris” to star in the upcoming film “South Haven,” alongside “Karon Joseph Riley” and “Denyce Lawton,” slated for streaming services.

Nine months following her last significant opportunity, Brittney received a divine blessing—a starring role in her first major network movie with Lifetime. In that moment, she reflected on Jeremiah 29:11, finding solace in the assurance that God’s plans are to prosper, not harm, providing hope and a promising future.

Balancing her roles as an actress, mother, and supportive daughter, Brittney channeled her creative energy into “The Tank Shoppe,” a Christian-based earring business. Each piece bears scriptures or uplifting words, aiming to fill people’s lives with positivity and reminders of God’s love. These earrings hold a personal significance for Brittney, serving as tangible reminders of the diverse seasons she has navigated and those yet to come in her journey.

Looking ahead, Brittney envisions her brand evolving through collaborations with other brands and designers. She emphasizes that her earrings are not merely accessories; instead, she hopes they serve as meaningful reminders, inspiring those who wear them.

Concluding our conversation, I asked Brittney what she wanted readers to remember about her from this article. She responded, “I want people to hear my story, realizing I’m no different than they are. I hope my journey energizes them, showing that God is faithful even in storms. Anything is possible when you partner with God and simply don’t quit. Everything is little by little!”


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Brittney Dorey