Are we living the American Dream? Someone once said, “that we can achieve prosperity through hard work”.  They said, “we all have the same opportunities regardless of our background or the color of our skin”.  We are all created equal and have the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What happened to the American Dream? Are we really living it? 

After watching the most outrageous debacle for our Presidential Candidacy debate, I started to think hard. Our country and the American people have suffered for so long, and even more during 2020. The entire world is watching our leadership fight like two elementary students with no respect or regards for one another. Racism has always been a touchy subject, that no one wants to address. It is continued to be swept under the rug and disregarded by the ones who doesn’t believe there is an issue. When both hands are unclean, there is no need to point any fingers. 

The American people are losing at the expense of leadership around this country. We have people in position that are not considering the best interest of everyone, only what benefits them. As I surfed  social media, there were many comments of disgust, commentary, and embarrassment. And once again divisiveness. I read a comment that said, “It will get worse, before it gets better.” I paused for a moment and reminded myself, it is not what it looks like. There is a promise that is written in the bible that our latter days will be greater than our former days. It may look like we are not getting anywhere, but I am believing that we are moving forward. I am believing that a little improvement is better than no improvement. We may see the war, we may hear the outcry, and we may feel that things will not get better; but we must believe that our voices are heard. Change will come. And soon we will see a difference. 

I will continue to believe, that great minds will come together and shift the atmosphere. This is an opportunity for people to see what is going on in our country and step up to create change. We must be the change that we want to see. Change cannot happen without us. It is imperative that we create more opportunities and we have the power to become. We can raise up the right people to fill roles. There are good people that can lead our law enforcement. There are great leaders that can lead our country into the right direction.

 We can end the division between us and recreate the American Dream. We must teach people the importance of education and that knowledge is key. I heard Pastor Jonathan YPJ Miller say, “it is easy to oppress people who do not have an education or information”. We can, we will, and we must rise to greatness. From what I can see, it is time for us to rise to the occasion. We must think about everyone that is coming behind us and the life we want to leave for them. It is time that we lead the way. 

The next step for change is to get out and vote. From what we saw during the first debate, our options are not the best. We have the power to vote people in and vote people out. Our voices must be heard, and action has to be taken. Voting is only one step. Knowledge is power and we need to exercise that power and start embracing change. We can change the way we view things and how we execute. Lets help the right people get into position to lead our country. We can change this country around. American people can create the life that we want for ourselves and others. We cannot continue to look for change without making change happen. Lets believe in this country and change our future.