The Artist Known as Tweet and The Power of Flight Famous recording artist, Tweet gives insight into her time in the industry. She’s never left and is better than ever.

Taking over the music scene back in 2002 as a fresh face in the industry, Tweet has given us almost two decades of true soulful music. From Southern Hummingbird to Charlene, she’s given us classics that we will always remember. As we all embark on a new journey in 2021, Tweet has blessed our mind, body, and soul with new music, and reminds us that she’s a true vet in this game. Here’s a look into what she’s planning to take us this time around!

What’s different about the person that you were then compared to the person that you are now?

The difference in the person I was then and now is that I’m not afraid. You know back then I was kind of timid because I never wanted to be a solo artist. Missy really pushed me out there and now I’m not afraid. I think I’ve matured a lot so I’m not afraid to take chances. I’m not afraid to really do what I want to do. I tried to please people back then, even though I did the music that I wanted, I did compromise a little bit. Now I’m not even in that mind frame to compromise. I’m a totally different, older, and more mature person than I was back then.


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