Is rejection in your bag? Are you afraid of rejection? Sometimes we don’t move forward because of the fear of being rejected. Our Adamic nature does not want to be told no.
Rejection can cause us to clam up, give up, and shut up. We clam up in hopelessness. We give up on other opportunities that may be available. We shut up and shut everyone else out.
By shutting everyone else out, we go into isolation. See, it’s a plan of the enemy to pull you away by yourself. Then feed your mind with no one loves you, no one cares about you, no one wants to be bothered with you. They don’t want you around. The list goes on. Nothing is ever positive.
 The spirit of rejection will drain the very life out of you and leave you lifeless and miserable.
It is up to you how life will turn out for you. Allow your trials and errors to make you better, not bitter, make you stronger not weaker, and make you courageous not fearful. Just know that the no’s will turn into the right yes. Take a chance and continue to move from rejection to acceptance.