Industry legend, Zaytoven shares his success journey, how he continues to stay current, and much more!

Man, I am a big fan of Zaytoven, it was an honor and pleasure to interview him. I’ve been following him since I was a teenager and he influenced not only me, but the globe. He’s always made people feel like the underdogs could really come out, strive, and achieve in this industry. Now let’s discuss his career and historical impacts.

How did you get started producing and what inspired you?

I came up in playing music in the church from the organ keyboard, drums, and everything, but that’s what kind of got me started in music. When I started getting my own keyboard, they got programs on it where you can make your own beats and all that type of stuff. So that’s what kind of got me started making the music. When I was in high school, probably my senior year, I ran into this guy by the name of JT The Bigga Figga, and he was a rap artist, producer, and record label owner. He saw me playing the keyboard, like ‘Man, I got to take it to the studio, show you how to make the beats.’ So, he took me to the studio and started showing me how to make beats and it was from there. That’s all I wanted to do was make beats.


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