It’s no surprise that there could be some work done to the beauty space when it comes to offering products that cater to everyone. Let’s not get it twisted, we’ve seen beauty brands come a long way when it comes to adding products that are inclusive but there could always be better, right? The last few years, we’ve noticed a gap when it comes to shades offered for women with dark skin complexions but the good news is that yes, there are products out there for you!

Today, we’re hitting a subject that often gets overlooked. We know that most of the time when talking about inclusivity in products, the first product that comes to mind is foundation. Well, we’re dedicating this entire post to bronzers. That’s right, bronzer adds warmth to the skin and who doesn’t want dimension on the face? Here are some bronzers perfect for deep skin complexions.

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photo obtained from Midas Cosmetics

Midas Cosmetics Dusk to Dawn Face Palette Midas x Neonmua, $36

This quad palette from Midas Cosmetics deserves a conversation! It includes four shades based on skin tone. There is a highlighter, matte blush, contour, and bronzer – because yes, bronzer and contour are completely different. The Dusk to Dawn Face Palette is perfect for medium to dark tones.

photo obtained from Mented Cosmetics

Mented Cosmetics Bronzer, $22

This bronzer from Mented Cosmetics is so rich and warm! This dark shade in Yacht Life is perfect for those with deep complexions.

photo obtained from Sephora

Fenty Beauty Sun Stalkr Instant Warmth Bronzer, $30

Instant Warmth? Say less! This pigmented, matte bronzer is a must-have! It blends to perfect and there is one for every beauty with deep compleions. Coco Naughty has neutral undertones while Mocha Mami has red undertones.

photo obtained from Sephora

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Toasted Matte Bronzer, $30

I love Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer so I was excited to see that the brand created a shade that was specifically made for those with deeper skin tones. This netural cinnamon hue bronzer adds the most beautiful warmth to the skin and I’m sure it will become a go-to product for most.

photo obtained from Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Glow Splendour Bronzer, $12

The most affordable bronzer from our bunch is from Makeup Revolution – a brand that hs no issue when it comes to providing options for those on the darker end of the complexion spectrum. There are six total that were specifically made for those with medium to dark skin complexions, which is a win in our book!