Music and sport share a special relationship. From the halftime show at the Super Bowl to the entrance music of world-famous boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, evidence of that partnership is plain to see. But you can be something other than an Olympic Games hopeful to enjoy the energizing properties of music. Just ask anyone with a gym membership and desire to get fit.

Alongside your training bag, towel, and shower gel, a good playlist is essential for keep-fit fanatics. That’s because the right song can lift your spirits under pressure. Music can get you that one extra rep that’ll make the difference to your size. It pushes boxers to go another round or sprinters to dig to their depths. If you’re not working out to a playlist, you’re not getting the most from your session.

From the leading names found at the top sports betting apps to the latest rising star from the NFL draft, professionals know and appreciate the power of music. It can be the difference in training between a poor day and a personal best time or performance. 

This article advises five tracks worth adding to your gym playlist. These may not be songs you’d listen to on the radio while driving or chilling at home, but they can improve your physical performance. Even if that’s just a fraction of the improvement recorded by professional athletes, it’s a step in the right direction if you work out as a hobby.

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Play Hard – David Guetta

French DJ David Guetta is best known for providing dancefloor fillers. Not all can inspire you during a workout, but Play Hard hits the right notes and will raise the stakes.

Guetta is the master and proves it again with some help from vocalists Ne-Yo and Akon. This tune is effective with weight training and/or cardio workouts. Give it a try, and if you agree it’s a winner, add Play Hard to your tracklist.

We Come Running – Youngblood Hawk

The debut single from American pop band Youngblood Hawk made an impression on the music business and became an instant hit. It’s the work of Samuel Martin, Simon Katz, and Matt Squire, and if you haven’t already heard this track, that’s something you must remedy sharpish.

The pace makes it ideal for a warm-up, warm-down or to help you keep a steady rate when running over a long distance. Not the most energetic song on the list, but We Come Running has its uses and is worth consideration.

You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC Jam

Every gym playlist should feature at least a few entries from AC/DC, and you have plenty of options when choosing. You Shook Me All Night isn’t the most obvious selection, but when you listen to the track, you’ll get what we’re driving here.

Perfect for a weight training session as it provides an old school rock soundtrack, helps motivate you when things get tough, and may even add an extra rep or two to your set. A note of caution; try not to ‘air guitar’ in the gym with this one. Easier said than done.

Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys isn’t a band you’d automatically consider when looking for a workout jam, and it’s true AC/DC or David Guetta fans have more choices. But Brass Monkey is the exception to the rule and is worth another listen.

The tune isn’t a rock song like the previous entry. It’s upbeat and uplifting, adding a fresh feel to your playlist, and that’s worth its weight in gold when you are in the red zone pumping weights. Help to mix it up with the Beastie Boys; you’ll not regret it. Take the weight off a little and enjoy your session.

Treasure – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a strange way to finish our article on the best songs for your gym playlist. But this track will boost your mood any day, all day. Whether in the gym sweating through a cardio grind or preparing to lift hard, Treasure can be relied upon to do a job and send confidence levels soaring.

It has one or two weird lines written and sung by Bruno Mars, but we doubt Mars penned the song with bench-pressing in mind. Add Treasure to your playlist to guarantee a smile each time it drops.