Downtown Atlanta served as a space for Black Girls to release their Magic as The Black Girls Social Club hosted its very first Conference in the mecca of black excellence. Founded by Carmen Jones in 2019. Since its inception in 2019, the BGSC has become one of the fastest growing international organizations for black women.

Created by Howard University Alumna Carmen Jones, she and her team for the past 3 years have made it their mission to unify black girls and give them space to call their very own, she says, “There are not a lot of spaces in the world where black girls can get the love that they need, the support that they need, the unity that they need or the joy that they need. Being a girl and a woman is hard already but being a black girl and a black woman is extremely hard. Because you have to fight so hard just to be noticed and the moment that you open up your mouth to express yourself, others try to dismiss you or diminish your voice. In this space we hear you, we acknowledge you, we respect you, we value who you are, and we see you. How many places can you say that you get that safety from? Probably not a lot right and not only do we cater to the adults, but we also cater to the young girls to so that they can see what they can become, now that’s black girl magic.”

Currently at over 4,000 members strong, the reach of the BGSC has covered across the United States and all the way across the sea to Europe.

When Jones speaks on the members she says “We are in London, Bermuda, Canada and of course stretched out across the states. I knew that this would be a huge impact and in my goals sheet, I gave myself about ten years to reach my goal of 10,000 members well we will reach that and then some. It’s a blessing to know that the purpose, goals, and missions are being received with the intention that was set upon creation. What you see here today is the manifestation of prayers. This is our first conference, and we have Tabitha Brown! Someone who took off on social media and has been blessing with world with inspiration not because she has too, but because she knows she’s called too. This is literally what I prayed for and more.”

The conference theme much like its mission was Unity. All the members came out in a full flex of sisterhood representing the various chapters of The BGSC and embraced each other fully. From panel discussions to shopping with the various Black Owned Businesses to an award ceremony honoring the leadership among the organization, the sisters came with an expectation to not only meet some of the sisters for the very first time but all to fully represent the bonds built in the chapters and create memories that will last a lifetime. The keynote speaker for the conference was none other than sunshine herself, Tabitha Brown. America has watched Mrs. Brown conqueror everything that she touches and excel because of the grace on her life.

Brown came through for a Q&A and dropped some gems on the ladies about sisterhood, “The best hood is sisterhood. In this hood I can be vulnerable, I can be happy, I don’t have to ask for permission to be my authentic self, I am accepted, I am loved, and I can love my sister. Sister hood is our safe space to be us and not be judged. Biologically I only have one sister but through the magic of social media, I now have millions of sisters who I receive love from daily and I’m able to give them love right back and that’s a powerful thing. When I look out into this audience, I see myself and I see a strong reflection of black women and that’s a beautiful thing to see”.

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