In a world that seems to appreciate the surgeries you get done versus what you naturally have, it can be difficult when it comes to self-love. We now live in a society that applauds women with big breasts, big butts, and small waists. The top women’s surgeries to date are BBLs (Brazilian butt lifts), Liposuction, and Breast Implants. Kim Kardashian, the Clermont Twins, and some of your favorite housewives are poster children for this exact look. The wonderful hourglass shape that you get after coming up from under the knife looks good, in some cases, however; it’s all about your safety and that is where CeCe Johnson wanted to make a difference.

CeCe Johnson is a model and body enhancement specialist who founded the company Body By Chris. Her company helps any and everyone enhance their bodies without the risks of surgery.

What are some of your products and what do they do?

I have the Breast Enhancement Cream that enhances the growth of your girlies to give you a visibly bigger cup size. I have a Butt Enhancement Cream as well that triggers your butt to produce more and bigger fat cells to increase the butt size. And I also have the Snatched Waist Slimming Gel. Now with this one, I know other competitors have a slimming cream, but I have a gel.”

CeCe Johnson goes on to further explain that all of her products are permanent. Unlike other big-name brand products out there, once you apply her products to your body your results will last and not fade. All of her products work fast and are organic as well as FDA-approved with great scents. CeCe worked on her products for a year and a half and then decided it was time to introduce her products to the market.

Do your products work on bigger women?

Yes, my products work on all body types! Especially my Waist Gel, Ive seen customers use it everywhere. Their arms, love handles, things, hip dips! People will find that this is way easier versus going to the doctor, getting the consultation, and getting the surgery all while trying to recover. All you have to do is apply the products. Some people would like to change their appearance without going under the knife and my products allow that.”

How do you know the product is working?

You know that the products are working when you get a burning tingle feeling in that area. So knowing that motivated me to work out as well. If you work out with the products it will burn more calories. But even if you do not work out with the products on, applying it to your body you will still see an improvement.”

Are there any new products coming?

So I have been working on other products. I wont tell all of my secrets but I do have an Eye Cream for bags coming soon.”

Even though CeCe Johnson just started this business 6 months ago, the buzz around her name and products got the attention of Roland Martin! She told SHEEN that he had reached out to her and she was able to talk about her business on the Roland Martin Show. The goal and purpose of her business are to allow people to feel confident with quick turnaround products. Of course, it hasnt always been easy for her but she continues to stay constant and interact on social media every day.