The Johnson family turned a solution into a full-fledged empire.

The health and wellness of our children and families, the legacies that we create and the pursuit of life are all things that top the list of priorities for most families. As parents, we want to ensure that our children are given every advantage, and in our professional lives, we want to forge a path that will make life going forward more rewarding for ourselves and our families. For Nevadra Johnson and her husband Terrence Johnson, Founders of Nae Nae’s Naturals, it was their search for relief for a persistent issue with their kids’ skin and scalp that would bring all these things together in the most unexpected way–to create a product that changed the game for far more than just their own family.

Going back just a few years, Nevadra Johnson found herself going through a never-ending search for a solution to her children’s eczema. Still, it was very important to her that she find an answer that did not contain harmful agents. Wanting to create a healthier way of being for her family, it was important that the most natural products were introduced to her children’s skin. After spending so much time hitting a dead end, she and her husband, Terrence, decided they would take matters into their own hands. After much trial and error, the Johnsons began to see that things were beginning to change in their children’s skin! The effects of their eczema were beginning to decrease, and, even more, their son’s hair began to grow like wildfire in just a few short months! What started as a search for relief for their children began to morph into an unexpected answer to more prayers than one. The Johnsons struck gold with what is now known to the world as Nae Nae’s Hair Boost.

Tell us a bit of your background and what led to this blossoming flagship brand.

Nevadra: This all started with me being a frustrated mom looking for answers for her children, but I did not want to put a lot of harmful chemicals on my children’s skin, especially having young ladies that were developing. So many of the things that were being suggested had unnatural products in them that could thin the skin and go into the bloodstream. The kids were going through some things at school with kids being insensitive and calling them names because of things going on with their skin and all those things factored in. Around this time, my husband had gotten into learning more about herbs and we went into this little shop in College Park and got some things to try. The things we tried began to work a little, but we kept working at it until we came up with the solution we have now.



When did you know that this was more than a product but a viable business?

Terrence: It was one year around Christmas; we were both sick and unable to work. We were down for about three weeks. We were both in another line of business, but we noticed that all the bills were still getting paid. We didn’t miss out on anything, so we realized that we had a sustainable product.


Tell us a little more about why the natural component is so important for this product.

Nevadra: As a mother, you always want what is best for your kids, even more so than yourself. Also, the kids were developing, and there were so many chemicals in the things that were in the stores. When I was growing up, we did not do a lot of store-bought products. Things were more natural. It was important for me to get back to that. If I can give my kids the right start, I feel that it is my duty to educate them as much as possible.

How can this product be beneficial to those suffering from other hair loss conditions?

Nevadra: I am not a doctor, so I don’t make any claims, but there are several customers that post testimonials and videos showing how the hair has grown back after suffering from things like Alopecia and having experienced chemotherapy. Even with the kids, when we noticed that their condition was spreading to the scalp and since the product was all-natural, we decided to try it there and noticed that the condition began to dry up, but after about a month, we noticed the hair was growing. The shedding had stopped. Not only was it growing, but it was not shedding as much. Some of our customers even say that they have noticed flattening of scars on their skin!

Tell us about what it has been like to build this business with your children.

Nevadra: The kids take so much pride in it, and we love that. They are involved in everything–from helping with packaging products to picking things out that we need. They get to be involved in seeing me solve problems with packaging and distribution. They get to be a part of building this from the ground up, and they are learning so much. They are a part of this, and they are proud, and that makes me proud.

Terrence: This is not our first business, but seeing this come from something that came to solve a problem for them, and then to see it grow into the family business that is helping other people, is amazing. This is not just about us; this is for them. Nae Nae’s Hair Boost has nineteen all-natural products in it. You can read the names of everything on the bottle, and twelve of them are essential oils, and we are very proud that this product does not contain harmful additives. We found the solution to our problem, and Nae Nae’s Naturalshas become the solution for so many others that suffer from skin and hair issues. In turn, we’ve created a legacy builder in the process, and for that, we are so grateful.

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