Dr. Delvena Thomas is loved by so many across the world! As a board ceritified psychiatrist, Dr. Thomas stands as an advocate for mental health awareness and strives to reduce the stigma. Popularly known as “The Brain Love” psychiatrist, she wants to help others become more accepting of their mental health and less afraid.

Why do they call you the “brain love” psychiatrist?

They call me the “brain love” psychiatrist because I am in love with the brain. I teach people about loving their brains and how to foster an environment as well as living circumstances.

Why are you so dedicated to minority mental health?

The stigma of mental illness in minority communities is a lot greater than the regular public or the majority of society. It’s been my mission since becoming a psychiatrist to educate people about the areas of the brain, disorders, and more so that people are more comfortable about talking about these things so that we can end the stigma.

What advice would you offer our readers during our global pandemic to make sure we are mentally healthy?

The first thing is to do all the things that are basic. Basic things for prevention include drinking plenty of water, water not only hydrates the skin and nails, but it is also for the brain. The brain is 70% composed of water. So, water is important for the brain and the processes that the brain is undergoing. Also, I remind people to have a healthy circle of friends and family. Anyone who is negative or does not reciprocate in terms of their service to you or what they provide to your life. If they are always taking or pretty much entering or suggesting negative activity, those people have to be pushed further out of your circle. They shouldn’t be in the inner most circle. They should not be close to you; they should be in the outermost part of your circle. Exercise is important because it’s not just for the body, it’s for the brain too. It increases the feel-good chemicals or hormones our body produces to manage our mood and prevent us from having anxiety or having anxiety that exceeds.

Nutrition and what you eat affects your mood is crucial. Sleep is also important for the brain. We have to sleep seven to eight hours nightly if we can.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

In the months coming up, I will continue to finesse my podcast. It is called The Brain Love Podcast. That started about two months ago during mental health awareness month in May. I’ll continue to work on the podcast to discuss relationships, sex, and more. There is no subject that I don’t cover. Anything that has to deal with the brain is covered by me. I’ll also continue to educate folks in the areas of mental illness. In minority communities, we see that young black men and women have been attempting and succeeding suicide at higher rates than before, so I plan to continue to educate others on that during Suicide Prevention Month in September.

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