Recently I was given the opportunity to chat it up with men of Tyler Perry’s Sistas to discuss the much anticipated second season finale. Of course, I took it. After my first press junket with the cast of Ruthless I fell in love to say the least. The fast pace, straight to the point atmosphere is just my speed. Plus, I had questions that needed answers.

Brian Jordan Jr. (Maurice) was high energy and open. He stepped right in to answer my questions with ease. Not that they were hard, but I appreciated his proactiveness. Trinity Whiteside (Preston) and Anthony Dalton (Calvin) were honest and thought-provoking–catching me off guard a bit but in a good way. DeVale Ellis (Zac) was unable to attend but I still want to know why Zac and Karen got down in the closet and what happens next.

The season finale airs Wednesday, March 31st on BET. For details on what’s to come and to find out why “Sex” is an explosive word. Check out our exclusive below.