Yaya DaCosta shares her thoughts on being a disruptor, Black hair in the industry, and much more!

We spoke to Yaya after a long day of grinding for her new shoe, Our Kind of People – which premiere on FOX earlier this fall. The actress of over 15 years spoke to us about her excitement over her new show, what it means for Black beauty, hair, and people everywhere and why being a disruptor then, as a Top Model, and now as an actress, is actually a very good thing.

What can viewers and our readers expect from Our Kind of People?

I feel like a lot of viewers are going to experience the satisfaction that comes with being seen in a way that we haven’t necessarily seen ourselves before. And I’m not saying “ourselves” in a homogenous way, but I mean so many different versions of what it means to be Black, what it means to be a woman, what it could mean to e a human. This particular show is stepping it up in terms of representation, authenticity, discussing issues that a lot of people will be able to relate to in their families – people who came from generational wealth and poverty can relate… there’s just so much in here.


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photo by Thais Aquino Photography