Meet Tanya Scott, the driving force behind the Insurance Professor alias and the visionary founder of GET Skills Insurance Academy. Teaming up with her son Baruch Pilcher, aka The Insurance Plug, Tanya is on a mission to revolutionize insurance education. With a focus on empowering agents to conquer their licensing exams on the first try, Tanya’s Academy offers a tailored spectrum of resources, from exclusive eBooks to comprehensive membership programs. More than just content, Tanya infuses her programs with empathy, understanding the emotional journey agents undertake. It’s the transformative stories within her community that fuel her passion, as she witnesses individuals shift from doubt to confidence, from failure to licensure. Tanya Scott isn’t just changing exam outcomes; she’s changing lives.

What led you to start a career as an Insurance  professional, and can you share a pivotal moment or experience that influenced your choice?  

My journey into the world of insurance wasn’t paved with gold. It began with a stumble—I failed my first insurance exam. This setback wasn’t the end but the start of a mission: to ensure no aspiring insurance agent felt as lost and overwhelmed as I did. In the face of that initial failure, instead of conceding defeat, I found my calling. I devised a unique formula, the ABCs to success, focusing on Alleviating Anxiety, Building Confidence, and Conquering the exam. This approach isn’t just about passing a test; it’s about instilling a belief in one’s abilities and transforming daunting challenges into achievable goals. My passion led to the creation of a vibrant community, the “ABC to Passing the Insurance Exam and New Agent Success,” where I engage with budding agents weekly, sharing insights, tools, and laughter—because a little humor goes a long way in dispelling anxiety.

As an Insurance professional, what continues to drive your passion for this field, and how do you stay motivated year after year?  

As an insurance instructor, what continues to fuel my passion in this field is the transformative impact education can have on individuals’ lives and careers. Witnessing the journey of my students from uncertainty to confidence, from anxiety to achievement, is incredibly rewarding. Each success story is a reminder of the profound difference knowledge and guidance can make in empowering aspiring insurance agents to reach their full potential. Staying motivated year after year comes from the ever-evolving nature of the insurance industry itself. The constant changes in policies, regulations, and market dynamics keep the field fresh and challenging. This continuous learning process not only keeps me engaged but also ensures that I’m providing the most current and relevant information to my students. Moreover, the feedback and interactions with my community play a significant role in maintaining my enthusiasm. The questions, discussions, and insights shared within the “ABC to Passing the Insurance Exam and New Agent Success” community keep me connected to the real-world needs and aspirations of those entering the industry. This direct engagement is a constant source of inspiration and drives me to innovate in how I deliver content, whether through live broadcasts, interactive quizzes, or personalized coaching sessions. Finally, my motivation is sustained by the broader mission of making a positive impact in the insurance industry. Knowing that the work I do contributes to creating a more knowledgeable, ethical, and customer-centric generation of insurance professionals is a powerful motivator. It’s this bigger picture that keeps me passionate and committed to excellence in insurance education year after year.

Can you discuss how the Insurance industry has evolved and changed over the past few decades, including any notable shifts or trends from 10 years ago and 20 years ago?

Two decades ago, the insurance industry, like many sectors, had limited representation of African Americans in leadership and high-level professional roles. African Americans often relied on community-based insurers, underlining a need for targeted education and awareness in insurance. There was a growing recognition of the need for financial literacy and insurance education within African American communities, leading to grassroots efforts and initiatives aimed at increasing awareness and access to insurance. Today, there’s been a surge in African American entrepreneurship within insurance, bolstered by professional networks and a collective push towards equitable access to insurance services. GET Skills Insurance Academy was founded in response to these evolving needs. By providing targeted education and training, we’re not just preparing agents for a lucrative career; we’re actively participating in the industry’s journey towards inclusivity and innovation. Our programs are designed to equip African American agents and others with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate and succeed in today’s dynamic insurance landscape. Through this, we’re helping to shape an industry that values diversity, embraces technological advancements, and meets the nuanced needs of all communities.

If our readers were looking to work with you as a Insurance professional, what characteristics or traits should they possess?  

To thrive with GET Skills Insurance Academy, aspiring agents should exhibit: 

  • Curiosity: A strong desire to continuously learn and grow within the insurance field. 
  • Resilience: The ability to bounce back from setbacks and persist through challenges. 
  • Ethical Integrity: A commitment to honesty and ethical practices in all dealings.
  • Communication Skills: The ability to clearly and effectively communicate with clients. 
  • Adaptability: Flexibility in adapting to new technologies and changing market conditions. 
  • Empathy: A focus on understanding and meeting the needs of clients with compassion. 
  • Goal-oriented: A clear focus on setting and achieving professional goals. 

At GET Skills Insurance Academy, we’re committed to nurturing these traits in our students, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to thrive in the insurance industry. If you possess these characteristics or are committed to developing them, you’re likely to find great success and fulfillment in working with us.

Share with our reader what’s next for you.  

For the Insurance Professor and my son, the Insurance Plug, the future holds exciting opportunities for growth, innovation, and deeper impact within the insurance industry. Here are some potential next steps: We’re launching an innovative series of video crash courses designed to complement our pre-licensing classes. These courses will offer concise, impactful lessons that cater to various learning styles, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of key insurance concepts. We’ll keep promoting our invaluable resource, the “Top Secrets to Passing the Insurance Exam” eBook. This guide has proven essential for many aspiring agents, and we aim to reach even more individuals looking to excel in their insurance exams. A cornerstone of our success is our 98% passing rate, a testament to the effectiveness of our teaching methods and materials. We’re committed to maintaining this high standard of excellence, ensuring that every student we teach is well-prepared and confident to succeed in their exams. By focusing on these key initiatives, the Insurance Professor and the Insurance Plug are set to continue leading the way in insurance education, empowering a new generation of successful insurance professionals.

Where can our readers follow you on social media?

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