Many may only consider media relations when they reference public relations. However, the profession is much deeper than that. Public relations involves relationship building, impact, and creativity. Overtime, the industry has transformed in many positive facets. Seasoned PR professionals such as Candice Nicole have had front row seats to see the evolution. “Public Relations is ever-changing. It is rooted in storytelling through creative impact,” Candice Nicole explains.

The overall industry evolution has also caused media moguls to look deeper within themselves to better serve for impact. “My Black Girl Magic is not being afraid to reinvent myself. I continue to update my knowledge by trying new things,” she continues. “You shouldn’t have to be or even think you need to be one kind of way,” Candice adds.

I sat down with Candice Nicole to discuss her public relations path, goals, and advice for new professionals. Here’s what she shared as she reflected on her stellar career, longevity in the game, and where she sees PR in the future:

What inspired your career in public relations? 

“My career happened by chance. I wanted to develop film and become a professional photographer. As a student at Morgan State University, my major was photographic media which required a number of prerequisites. Even though I had a love for the Arts, it was not my forte. While researching other majors, I stumbled upon public relations. After further research, I discovered that PR is within every industry from music, sports, to politics. Once I emerged myself into that study, it became my passion.”

What steps did you take to start your own public relations agency? 

“I was honest with myself about my goals. I knew it would take ground work from my research and a village of help to succeed beyond my vision. I attended conferences and webinars hosted by agency owners, and I observed and researched detailed measures of how to build and maintain my agency. I ultimately wasn’t afraid to seek out assistance and also remaining open to learning from others who I saw were successful in my industry.”

You’ve worked with some big names in various industries. What prompted your shift to only working with small businesses, firms, etc? 

“With my background being in entertainment and music, I found that people were coming to me and the agency for just entertainment purposes and that was not my only interest. I was interested in a variety of entities such as tech, fashion, beauty, health and wellness, medical, and law. Small businesses provide those services and more. Once I decided to emerge in public relations full-time, I personally had an interest in working with a multitude of different industries. I wanted to create an agency that was multifaceted and not just known for working with one specific industry.”

What’s a typical work day like for you? 

“I’ve accepted that everyday is different, but I’m thankful that I have a standard routine. Checking my schedule at the top of the week and every night for any upcoming meetings and events is always implemented into my daily routine. However, I will say that on any given day it can go from 0-1,000 and that in a way is very exciting for me!”

How do you balance family self-care and your business lifestyle? 

“Within the last year, I’ve definitely improved on maintaining a balanced life. A major part is having a dependable team where I can leave the office for important events like flying to DC for my cousin’s lacrosse game or being able to visit my cousin at Arizona State University for her one of her last collegiate games. When it comes to self-care, I have weekly appointments with my chiropractor and monthly facials. I will also carve out time in my schedule for personal recharge days because if I’m not refueling myself, how can I pour into my team, clients, and others.”

Candice Nicole is one seasoned PR professional that you must know! Her level of expertise is unparalleled to many. It’s clear that her Black Girl Magic is here to stay as she evolves to reach even greater heights.

“My legacy will be impactful on various levels. It will be about how I resiliently lead with love and display the care that I put into clients, friends, and family,” she adds.

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Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, author, MSW, and freelance writer. 

Photo credits: HNUB Creative Company