Stevie G is an international fashion and wardrobe stylist changing the game. He is also the creator of Enlightening my Crown a custom headwear brand. Sheen took the time to interview him about his brand.

Who is Stevie G?

Other than my brand Styles by Stevie G International, Stevie G is undefined. A defier of all odds, a creative, and a determined work in process. Through this journey I am continuously discovering who I am outside of everything I have ever thought I was. I no longer hide behind labels, prejudgments or statistical conditions I was told I would be. 

What does the beauty/fashion industry mean to you? 

Fashion and beauty mean the evolution of life through creativity and self-expression. At the age of about 13 I started creating my own clothing and doing things to them that made me different only because it was an outlet that took me to a place outside of my living circumstance which included abuse, mentally emotionally and sometimes physically. So, it was a sacred place for me which means more than words can express. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

It was November 2018 and I had been dating a person that I knew of for about 5 or more years. I thought this was the person I would spend the rest of my life with, but life had a different thing coming for me. That month he decided to end our relationship, which broke me only to build. I thought I should give up everything and move back home because I had sacrificed so much during the 3 years, we dated only to have it pulled from right up under me. So that night sitting in my storage hurt, upset crying because I didn’t know what to do, I heard a small voice say now is your time. I didn’t know that meant but I knew it was nothing but God speaking to me. That was the fuel to pick me up and set me ablaze.

How has being a fashion stylist helped you in your personal life?

Being a fashion is no different from my personal life. They both teach me the same values in different ways. Being able to fight through life struggles in spite of being homeless with no money at one point, jobless due to the COVID-19 pandemic or just lost trying to find your true identity. I used to separate my profession from my personal life, and it wasn’t until I realized I can only be me at that moment no matter what. I realized and started living everyday with knowing that, just because you are in a situation doesn’t mean you have to be, that situation. 

What is your vision behind enlightening my crown?

In life we go through so many changes and obstacles that in turn presents us with beauty in the end. This was the vision of Enlighten My Crown giving me my first collection name, “Bright Lotus.” In spite of all the dirt I had thrown on me or all the dark places I thought I couldn’t see my way out of, I have continued to grow and evolve one day to be a “Bright Lotus” bringing joy to every person that had to go through something to get where they are today. So now I offer that to the world where you can purchase my custom headwear collection here and on Instagram. 

If there is something you could have told your past self when starting in the industry what would it be?

Don’t look for external help. That everything I need I have inside of me if I take the time to discover them in spite of life circumstances. 

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All images by Rogelio Smalls of Blue Gem Productions