Last year, you called it quits and moved on. Although it was difficult for you to walk away, you did so like a pro. So why are you now second guessing yourself? You know what you left behind or have you forgotten? Nothing good can come out of going back to your ex, especially if they have not changed their ways. Just because dating sucks and you find yourself frustrated finding someone to hold a decent conversation with, going back to the ex should be off limits for you.

Sure, relationships can work out the second time around. But in your case with the ups and downs you went through not to mention their lack of interest in keeping you, you should keep moving. They were not the one then or even now. Going back to your ex who hurt you before is not going to be sweet. This is not to say it can’t or won’t work; you both have a lot of reality adjusting to do if you really want to be together. Breaking up to make up is not fun, especially when that’s what your relationship had been built on. If you did not get all the answers you needed to prevent breaking things off so long ago, what makes you think the answers are available now?

Your ex is not the only person who gets you or even satisfies you in the bed. Taking the trash out of the dumpster will not make it appear new and improved or make you happy. You will more likely be setting yourself up for more disappointment if not heartbreak down the road if you are not careful. I hear you when you say there are no good candidates out there to date or on your level. This is the time to know who you are and what it is you want from someone else. Give someone else a chance instead of that jerk that hurt you. If you have been thinking about going back to your ex for a while now, could it be your bad judgment (thinking the past was much better than it was) is getting in the way of your dating life? That old relationship has been over for a while, but clearly you are not over it. You can have a better connection with someone who has not broken your heart, someone who will cherish, love and understand you.

If you are thinking about taking your ex back, don’t do it. Leave them where they are and that’s out of your life. You don’t need them to be happy. If they are pursuing you, it is best you let them know to move on. The game has not changed with them. Sure the things coming out of their mouth may sound sweet. However, if they cannot love you the way you need to be loved when they are with you, nothing has changed. Not everyone deserves a second chance. Be strong and stop giving in to those old feel-good feelings, emotions, and thoughts. See what is really going on, you are lonely. Don’t complicate being lonely with drama, lies, hurt, and pain from someone who may not have changed.

How many times are you going to take them back? Do yourself a favor and cut your losses. Your relationship should not keep getting jump started to exist. Do not forget how you took them back once before and that too was a mistake. Work on you and allow them to work on themselves because the same issues you had that ended the relationship are still there. Those old issues and past arguments will be the focus of the relationship, as you know. Say goodbye to that ex once and for all because you are better off without them.

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