The Fearless Artist brings the TFAPOPUP [ ] to New York from June 9-12, 2022.   

The Fearless Artist’s goal is to bring its popup gallery during Art Basel Miami/Miami Art Week to a new city. It will generate opportunities for dozens of emerging creative professionals to get their work seen, shared and sold. This show, dubbed the “Young Curators Showcase,” highlights The Fearless Artist’s groundbreaking Young Curators Program, which serves as a catalyst for social change and economic empowerment by giving mission-driven students access to art business education, mentorship, peer-to-peer learning opportunities and hands-on experience working with The Fearless Artist on major art events. 

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 About The Fearless Artist

The Fearless Artist empowers diverse artists by providing them access to coaching, community and art buyers who care about social change..

A lawyer and event producer by trade, TFA Founder and CEO Kiki Somerville has always had a passion for supporting artists. In observing galleries and art events across the nation and the world, Kiki quickly discovered that today’s artists lacked the business knowledge to get their work seen, shared and sold. She realized she could push back against art world gatekeepers by teaching artists how to connect and tell their stories. With this renewed purpose, The Fearless Artist was born as a community for knowledge and skill-building, making connections, and opportunities for mission-driven artists..

Since then, TFA has expanded to produce widely acclaimed popup galleries (TFAPOPUP) during Art Basel Miami (named “Best of Art Basel” by Time Out Miami with over 12,000 visitors in 2019), as well as educational programs for young artists, and private coaching on the art business with clients.

Photo Credit: The Fearless Artist