Style flooded through her veins, helping designer/reality star winner, Andrea Pitter to create an impact in the fashion world that seriously made the cut!

Andrea’s love for fashion began at an early age. She has been super laser focused her entire life on just wanting to be a fashion designer. She stated, “I think I was 12 when the lightbulb went off and I was like this is exactly what I’m going to do.” She even recalls the very first items she sold and created on her own, “It was a bandana book bag and I sold them to my peers, and I was taking custom color orders during lunch break. The first thing I can remember making was an off-the-shoulder top with a star that I hand embroiled in the center. I wanted to go to the High School of Fashion Industries so I created a portfolio. [I told myself] ‘I’m going to call it something and that’s going to be my brand name, so I took bits and pieces of my name and I put it together.’ P is for Pitter, A is for Andrea, and Tora is my middle name. That’s how it all started, I had so many supporters through junior high and high school that my teachers let me throw fashion shows.’

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