With only a week left before the election, Americans had one last chance to see the final debate between former VP Biden and President Trump. Instead of a debate, I thought I was watching a rendition of the comedy-drama LIFE. Jokingly, I shared on social media that Trump and Biden reminded me of Ray and Claude. Both Trump and Biden are wrongfully chosen to lead our country, and the American people have to serve a 4-year sentence under one of their leadership. Your vote determines which candidate will lead us. They are not necessarily right for the job, but we have to choose one of them.

Both candidates, blatantly disrespected the black community as they rambled on about who served them best. This is nothing new, being that it has been demonstrated time after time, that black lives do not matter to them. They both have failed African American’s. I sat in awe, as President Trump mentioned a distasteful comment allegedly spoken by Biden, that blacks were super predators. It is quite interesting that they see blacks as having no morals, but we are the ones gunned down and killed daily like animals. They want nothing to do with us; until they need us. Hoping we have read our bibles and thinking we would turn our cheeks and forgive them of their evilness against us.

It was only weeks ago that our President Donald Trump refused to denounce white supremacy. This was only the beginning of an interesting debate that had nothing to do with the changes that would be made to benefit our country.

You would think after peaceful marching, hearing the voices of the African American community, and what happened with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and how the death rate due to COVID affects the black community, that we would be able to come together to serve a greater purpose. You would think that the mentions of blacks and the black community was a way to say our vote mattered because we mattered.

Black leaders have sat down with the white community throughout this year to talk about systemic racism in this country and how we have been treated. They shared what the next steps need to look like so that we could build together and respect one another. Instead of talking about what needs to happen going forward, President Trump gave the world a clear example of what blacks have been preaching for many years. He painted a clear picture of what nepotism looked like and that the disadvantage of blacks does not matter. President Trump pointed out what entitlement looked like as he shed light on the family of Joe Biden. For so long, we have been told that blacks are lazy and want everything handed to us. We have been told that we do not want to work for anything and that we have a fair opportunity. African American’s do not have the same advantages or opportunities. We have to prove ourselves, take on a lot of debt to receive an education, and have to fight hard to work our way up the corporate ladder.  It was clear when President Trump openly shared that former VP Biden made sure that he took care of his family. He made sure that his son got to a successful place without working for it; everything was handed. I am sure some may think this is ok, it is the American way and that its been this way for years. This country has condoned the disadvantage of blacks and flaunted it in our face.

President Trump praised himself on how well he treated blacks, as he tooted his horn shortly afterwards on how he has provided the cleanest water. Did he forget about Flint’s water crisis; was he aware that half of the people there are African American’s? The debate was an insult to the black community. We were slaves to this country and they still managed to shed light on how much we are undervalued.

As both candidates argued back and forth, about who has done what and who is hiding what, I ended my night feeling the message Michael Jackson sung, “They Don’t Care About Us”. It became clear that this country needs new leadership and the final debate proved it. Voting is our only option right now and the next step would be to bring forth the right leaders that genuinely care about all Americans. The only way to make America great is to find great people.