Of the many qualities and traits of humanity, wisdom is the keeper of us all. It’s found in our values, thoughts, and actions. The undeniable need to pass along our hard-earned experiences and help others along through their journey. The ability to realize our strengths and innate superpowers. The wisdom to flow with the universe and write our own story.

Wisdom allows us to understand that happiness is more than just a feeling but a critical ingredient for creating our best lives. Always searching for greater understanding. The feelings of virtue and happiness that come when we’re focused on serving others and live in our truth. Reaping results beyond measure and paving the path for future generations. Wisdom is the self-created power we share that helps others prosper and find their path..

Time marches on and all actions we take can have purpose and meaning. What matters is how we live our lives in truth and authenticity. How we expand our minds and seek to learn the secrets of life and explore our most passionate intentions.

The ability that all humans possess which helps us adapt and respond clearly to any new situation. The genetic code and wisdom that’s passed through generations. Inheriting the mindset and traits of those who came before us. Understanding that we can see our lives with more clarity, compassion, and understanding. Standing strong through any storm with a warrior-like attitude of resilience and intention.

Our inherited wisdom is the key to our growth and full self-actualization. A sense of confidence and perspective that allows us to move forward with momentum. Wisdom is exemplified in our voice, thoughts, and actions.

In a lifetime of gathering achievements and possessions the only thing that matters is how we lived our lives. Did we continue to learn and grow and gather knowledge? Or did we learn to conform, narrow our perspective, and allow others to control our dreams and destiny? Is integrity forever on our minds?

Today is all that matters, and the present is where we find ourselves now. Time is never ending and passage through this plane of consciousness is too fleeting.

How we define ourselves and contribute to the greater good is the collection of our wisdom. Hard earned and cherished with gratitude and acceptance.

It’s inevitable, life moves so fast. It can feel like a blur of heightened emotions, collisions, and chaos. Time is irrelevant when we’re wasting our lives with unnecessary fears and worries. We’ve forgotten that the best parts of ourselves come from within. Our grace and peace of mind is found in our accumulated wisdom. From our innate need to share and nurture the lives of others. To set an example for others to follow. To be our best on every occasion because we are confident and care about our impact on others.


Too often we forget that life has a rhythm and pattern. There’s a repetition and revisit from the past in everything we encounter in the present. We are cyclical and our spirit will ebb and flow with the energy of the universe whether or not we’re conscious of the connection.

Wisdom is the guiding force that keeps us on a path to bettering ourselves as a species. It’s there to save us, propel us forward, and guide our conscious thoughts and actions. If we live our lives as if everything we do is important we’ll invite greater choices and opportunities for our lives.

We will thrive. Share our success and misfortunes. We can listen to those that are there to guide us and learn the organic rules of life.


We live in an age where everything we can ever desire to research is at the tip of our fingers. It’s a digital metaverse in the clouds that connects us to our machines and devices. We can choose to live in our secretive and drifting worlds with page after page of algorithmic connections. We can opt out of our culture and society and live our waking moments in the cloud. This is how we lose our inherited wisdom and how we’ve failed ourselves.

Purposely isolated and easy targets for propaganda and misinformation. Seeds of doubt sewed in every corner of the internet. This is how we lose our wisdom and let ourselves fall further into division and fear. Wisdom is the savior, but we need to stop, breathe, and allow ourselves to listen once again.  Happiness will soon begin to shine, and life will take a new direction. When we listen to our elders we will understand the feelings that come when they share their magic. After all, we wouldn’t be here at all if they hadn’t set the path before us.



Research has shown wisdom is developed through our exploration of life and sense of adventure. The curiosity to explore and encounter challenges and obstacles that enrich our life and enhance our mindset. A disposition that’s open to personal growth through introspection and assimilation of new experiences and encounters. Wisdom is reflected through exploration by our ability to process complex and uncomfortable experiences. This fuels happiness in every respect.


Expressing empathetic concern and genuine care for the well-being of others is a keystone of wisdom and self-actualization. As a species we are happiest when our actions are in service to others and serve the greater good. This is how we find our purpose and set the scope of our life and meaningful actions. Always in alignment with our personal core values.

3.      READY FOR ANYTHING MINDSET. This is my favorite and most deeply held personal core value. We have to be ready for life and never fall into the victimhood trap. Life happens and how we interpret the meaning is how we show up for our lives and find resilience and motivation. Happiness will always be elusive until we develop the strength that comes when we know we can face anything.


Wise individuals are adept at navigating complicated situations and emotional reactions. They don’t always appear calm, but they display a presence of mind to overcome their fears and take actions that have purpose and meaning. They’ve learned to breathe and think for a moment before taking visceral action. They know that words have spirit and never disappear. This skill is enhanced when we can learn to appreciate and absorb the wisdom that others want to share with us.


Another of my personal core values is to seek self-awareness and clarity in our thoughts and actions. Too often we forget that we are all interconnected and that how we see ourselves is not how others perceive us. We can strive to set an example and be our best and nothing else will matter.

Wisdom is something that’s always with us whether we choose to listen or not. It’s entirely self-created and just like happiness, best when shared with others. It can be nurtured and constantly enhanced. It allows us to cultivate a mindset which helps us explore our consciousness and regulate our emotions. We all have our limitations, but wisdom gives us the ability to exceed our expectations. Wisdom is how we contribute to the world around us. All we need to do is give ourselves permission. This is the path to becoming our own Happiness Warriors!