Beauty influencer, Joie “The Golden Nuggets” shares her love for beauty and keeping it cute in the gym.

When we think of empowerment and the strength of women, our list of powerful women is ever-growing. More specifically in the beauty industry, one influencer stands strong at the top of our list. Joie, popularly known as The Golden Nuggets, is a self-taught freelance makeup artist, who first found her love for beauty at just 11-years-old. With time, her love for beauty has only grown and today, she’s an artist whose golden personality is taking the world by storm. As The Foundation in our September/October issue, Joie is sharing her must-have fall makeup and skincare products while also sharing her best tips when it comes to slaying at the gym.

What are your favorite colors to incorporate into your fall beauty routine?

My favorite seasonal colors to incorporate into my fall beauty routine would definitely have to be olive greens, burgundy/plum, and camel brown shades! They have an array of shades between the three and always pair well together, especially for a monochromatic look.


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