Founder/CEO of Kitty Candy Madison, was a Dallas Police Officer who decided to quit her job and make her passion to empower women her mission! With her educational background in biology, Madison created Kitty Candy, a brand that includes all natural feminine hygiene products. We caught up with Madison to discuss details on the brand, women’s empowerment, and much more!

You were a Dallas police officer, what made you want to quit your job and become CEO of your own business?

I started my own business just as a hobby at first. A lot of my friends and family were using my products and I saw that it was helping a lot of people. I decided to quit when I began stressing out at work about getting orders out. The demand just got so high so I decided to quit being an officer.

What inspired you to create Kitty Candy?

My sister has diabetes and she was getting medicine from the doctor but it would give her other symptoms. I decided to make her something, I believe in all natural products. I made it, she said it worked! I made more products and it just kept helping her more.

Can you tell us why women’s empowerment means so much to you?

I feel like as far as feminine health, that’s where life begins. We’re so shy to talking about the way we got here. I want to empower women to be proud of what we have to go through to be a woman. When you empower them, give them confidence, other areas of life will blossom more. If we can get past the stigma of little stuff, there are so many other things we can conquer.

What can we expect to see from you and the brand in the future?

I have a storefront that I’m working on. April 5th will be the day we open. Also, I’m thinking about doing a panty and bra line with Kitty Candy logo. I’m working on an all natural product for when you chafe to even out tone.

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All images by Tavia Whitlowe | website | Instagram