In the heart of the historic city of College Park, a native son has risen to create a promising new dawn for his beloved community. James Walker, a successful lawyer and a beacon of hope for his community, is steering his 2023 mayoral campaign with a vision as vast as the cityscape itself. As the sun sets over the historical streets, Walker’s campaign casts a hopeful glow on the city, encouraging residents to rediscover the power within their midst.

Walker’s story is a poignant tale of homecoming. Born and raised  in College Park and East Point, the city’s essence flows through his veins, and its stories are tied to the strings of his heart. His roots in the College Park community run deep and he has a genuine love for his hometown, while being able to see the current and future needs, concerns, and demands of College Park residents and constituents. For James Walker, College Park isn’t just a place; it is home. It is the safe haven which holds his memories.  James Walker’s College Park is a mosaic of diverse cultures, and a testament to a people’s resilience.

James Walker’s life journey starts in the vibrant streets of College Park which propelled him to the prestigious halls of Atlanta’s historic Morehouse College.  As the owner of Elite Law, one of Atlanta’s premiere law firms,  James has not only accrued countless accolades; he gained a profound understanding of justice, fairness, leadership and the power of advocacy. His legal background now fuels his determination to bring positive change to the city he holds dear. James Walker is no stranger to leading the cause where it matters most.

“Having any kind of legal expertise helps you understand the law, and as my father says, ‘Once you know the law, no one can take advantage of you.’ My legal background and legal skills allow me to help others know and understand the law.  Giving understanding as to how the law benefits us all. You wont accept the status quo or things that are just told to us in order to manipulate the mind. You will be able to enlighten those around you so that they will not fall prey.”

Walker’s campaign isn’t merely a political endeavor; it’s a movement with an unwavering belief in the inherent beauty of College Park. James believes in the promise of College park and its residents.  He envisions a College Park where rich history intertwines seamlessly with collective progress. His belief is that community engagement is not a choice but a way of life. One in which every resident feels as though a better future is attainable. 

“College Park is literally the gateway to the Metro Atlanta area. It is also the home of Metro Atlanta’s culture, and Metro Atlants’s foundation. This force and culture  is what is propelling our city. We have roots that go so deep throughout the world that it has inspired so many artists, leaders, and influential figures to just find their “something special” and thrive from there.

As a rising leader, a unifying force, and a voice to represent the underrepresented, his vision for College Park isn’t a campaign promise; it’s a blueprint for a future where everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, all can thrive. 

In our brief sit down , Walker disclosed the harrowing realities of voter disparities and why it is essential for College Park to get out and vote,

“The masses take us for granted in convincing both them and ourselves that our vote does not matter. Many believe that those in communities of color, we do not cherish the vote the way it ought to be. Through this mindset, it is assumed that our priorities are aligned with something that is not rooted in equity, or progression.

He went on to discuss the historic importance of communities of color exercising our right to vote. 

“You are not heard unless you vote. I’ve always said, bad officials are elected by good people who just don’t vote. The right to vote and exercising your vote is the gateway to having your issues addressed and your voice heard.  In College Park, we have about 13,000 residents and about 9,000 registered voters,  however, our elected officials are elected by less than 2,000 residents. A small percentage of residents are selecting the leaders of our community. We should want more people engaged and we need more people to be engaged.  We have to get out there and vote for those candidates that not only push forth your agenda, but the agenda that best suits College Park as a whole.” 

Through his efforts to create one unified College Park, James Walker has garnered the support of countless residents and community leaders. Bishop Donna Hubbard of Woman at the Well Transition Center states “He sees the vision from an eye level, he’s not looking down on the problem attempting to judge it from far away, he is in the community actively seeking the solutions for and alongside College Park, that is what we need.”

Mr. Walker makes his strategy clear that the key is to get back to business in College Park and directly address the needs and requests of its citizens. His first order of business is making sure that we get the basics of city government and governmental services right for the residents and constituents of College Park. 

“Being a native of the College Park area, there are always the issues of equity and having a fair seat at the table. In the College Park area, we haven’t had the leadership and representation that we deserve.  His platform not only proposes to bring  together initiatives and resources to the community, but also a oneness, a sense of community and unity.  I envision a College Park where everyone feels their voice is heard and valued.”

As College Park eagerly anticipates the upcoming November 7, 2023 mayoral election, James Walker stands as a testament to the city’s inherent greatness. His campaign, vibrant and promising, echoes the sentiments of a community yearning for change. In the pages of history, College Park may remember this moment as the time when a native son returned, a successful lawyer became a champion, and a rising leader ignited a beautiful transformation, reshaping the way residents see their city – not just as a place, but as a profound, enduring legacy that is one unified College Park.

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