THE GAME stars Wendy Raquel Robinson, Hosea Chanchez, Adriyan Rae, Vaughn Hebron, Analisa Velez and Toby Sandeman. It offers a modern-day examination of Black culture through the prism of professional football. The beloved characters tackle racism, sexism, classism and more as they fight for fame, fortune, respect and love – all while trying to maintain their souls as they each play THE GAME. The second season doubles the laughs and heightens the drama as they fight to survive the storms of change. 

This season also features appearances by legacy cast members Rick Fox as himself and Barry Floyd as Tee Tee.   

If you are a fan of The Game like myself then you have been watching since 2006 when the show first originated on the CW. The Game is a special kind of show, I mean what other shows can end and come back three different times on three different networks. That’s what you call ladies and gentlemen a damn good show! They have been able to keep the majority of the main cast from the original season, which makes it even better. While they have added some great additional characters throughout their journey. 

Last season The Game returned and premiered on a new network called Paramount Plus. In that new season we start to see characters Malik who is played by Hosea Sanchez and Tasha Mack who is played by Wendy Racquel in a new light. Of course Tasha Mack’s character is still the crazy, funny, talk shit, don’t take no mess manager slash mom. But this new season and last season we began to see Mack’s softer side when she truely tap into that mommy mode for Malik after he opens up about his mental health issues. This is the first time we see Mack completely pick Malik as her child before anything else including The Game. “Tasha is my Shero and she is my alter ego. She is navigating through love and life. Through the liberation of who she is as a woman because she’s been so strong for so long that it is a breakdown of her core soul and her body. So from being superwoman, she’s losing her superpowers and we get a chance to see what’s that like” Racquel shared about the change of her character Tasha Mack.

Malik is still the team’s top paid player, non monogamous, arrogant football player, but now he is the most senior and he is now interested in being a team owner. This last season took a turn for the mom and son duo, in which we saw a more soft and empathetic Tasha Mac with Malik opening up about his mental health issues. Malik starts to mature as a man and face his past regrets that he has been battling with privately with himself for years. “I actually discovered so much about myself because I didn’t identify growing up in the south up in the church. We were always taught to pray, I don’t want to say not pray all the way, but prayer is the root and newer to any of our mental problems. Because they didn’t seem real to a lot our parents and peers. Growing I was always taught go to your bible, but now that I am a man. I learned that I needed specific tools for me to navigate my life. What I was going through and really what the whole world was going through. So I really learned about myself by studying what Malik’s journey was and the synergy between our lives,” Sanchez shared. We see Malik’s character develop so much more in this upcoming season that we never saw from him in any of the previous seasons of the era of The Game. The new season premiered on December 15, 2022 on Paramount Plus, so make sure to tune into The Game on every Thursday.