Last night, the reunion kicked off with an altercation between Holiday The GoldenChild and one of the former housemates. Throughout the season, Holiday chose to avoid altercations with the goal of utilizing the opportunity given to her by the Puerto Rican Princess. But, after one of the housemates attempted to address a situation that Holiday thought had already been resolved, she had no choice but to defend herself after being threatened. Although Holiday is disappointed that the conversation resulted in a physical altercation, she is not one to shy away from an issue. After round two, Holiday finally makes it to the stage to further discuss the subject matter. Stay tuned as this is just the beginning of the issues Holiday will address on the reunion, and she’s coming with receipts.

Holiday first made her mark on Joseline’s Cabaret New York Season 4 by being the Puerto Rican Princess’ first pick to join the new cast of Joseline’s Cabaret Season 4. Since then, Holiday The GoldenChild continued to be an open book as she opened up about her dancing journey, manifesting her appearance on Joseline’s hit show, sharing a room on the show with her ex-girlfriend Precious, her unconventional relationship with twin brothers and opened up about a fatal car accident that occurred while she was dancing at King of Diamonds.

Holiday The GoldenChild has been featured on outlets such as Joe Budden Co-Host Queenz Flip’s Late Night Black & White, Bag Fuel, Sheen Magazine and Tasha K’s The Wine Cellar. Now, Holiday is gearing up to relaunch her podcast Hot Wit Holiday, the release of her “Bad Bitch, Good Credit” merch line, a second part to her book I Am Not A Doctor and more.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Orchid Media