Some of my happiest memories in life have been in jobs where I worked with people that I felt a common rapport, purpose, and sense of mission. A feeling of belonging and teamwork where trust was vital and always welcomed by our words and actions. Most importantly, the increase in wisdom that comes when we are able to perceive ourselves in the eyes of others and hold our values to higher standards. The one place where we all have to prove to ourselves that we can always improve and be better. Collaborating and learning from others with different circumstances and histories is how we discover and define our personal inspirations.

Some jobs were complete disasters, and I encountered a lot of sociopathic coworkers and supervisors. This is when survival mode will kick in and we learn to adapt and deal with our challenges. There’s always a lesson in even the worst made plans and directives. Never stay in a place where we aren’t valued and appreciated. There’s always something better than what we’re encouraged to believe. Fear is the only thing holding us back and there’s always collateral damage.

Other jobs and an ever-evolving career path were life changing and completely altered my perspective and raised my vibration. One thing for certain, no matter where I’ve been or whatever I’ve done I’ve always found my joy in human connections and moments of true happiness. The ability to create teams and partnerships is a skill that will never feel overrated and benefits the greater good of all. Nothing else is more important in finding happiness in work and our communities.

Ever since my first job in middle school, I’ve always enjoyed the camaraderie that comes when working with others with similar goals and visions. The connection and mindset that organically provides growth in our personal education and habits that serve our purpose. The path to fulfillment and happiness in anything we do. The laughter and friendships that have come from working all those years play a big part of our story and history. So many co-workers who’ve faded through time that helped shape who I am today and have raised my consciousness and wisdom. Gratitude for all those that care and share their thoughts and dreams with others. They seek happiness in all aspects of their lives and know that work and careers will never replace who we are as humans.

As grateful as I am to have been employed over those many years, my life has shifted greatly, and the employee has become the employer. I’ve become a job creator, and my world has shifted into a new dimension.  My responsibilities and outlook have changed dramatically. I know without any hesitation that all of my word and actions affect the lives of others

As the leader and the scope of my days and oversights is always expanding as I constantly craft my reality and manage my destiny. This is what work, or a job means to me, a place where I can help others grow and realize their dreams and potential. To lead, inspire, and gain momentum is my sole responsibility.

How I portray myself in life and live in truth is dependent on my actions and integrity.  Life becomes more real, and the job is more than a job when I’m responsible for so many lives. Happiness comes when I see people being their best and sharing their dreams and aspirations.

As the founder and creator of my businesses, it’s my job to set the culture of the workplace and ensure that everyone is happy. It’s an opportunity to do things better and break with past traditions. I do my best to ensure that everyone feels respected and valued at every level. I believe that where we work should be a happier place where acceptance and respect for one another are the ingrained culture.

Supportive and welcoming with opportunities for growth and achievement. Everyone is represented and every voice is heard. Life is hard enough without having to spend eight hours or more each day in a place where we can’t wait to leave.

There’s something that makes me smile inside when I realize that most of the people who work for my businesses have become close personal friends.


There are many ways we can personally make work better, happier, and more balanced. We can be patient, find our place, and create our niche. We can create a dynamic where we can choose to build more equality and help lift others when they feel stuck or marginalized:

#1 Team building is always something that helps us to target and develop our skills. Make team building a group effort and encourage individuals to voice their ideas and strategies. This will help create a culture where we share our skills and values.

#2 In a professional environment a greeting or acknowledgement is always a way to facilitate more natural interactions and exchange of ideas. Saying good morning or a friendly hello is always the way to bring us together. There may be some holdouts but eventually they’ll get the picture. Consistency and attitude are a sure way to win both in and out of the workplace.

#3 Never hold back from giving praise or recognition when someone has an achievement or met an important goal. This is how we raise our own vibration and subsequent actions. It’s a feel-good opportunity that helps raise self-esteem all around.

#4 Knowing our value is paramount to being happy and purposeful. It’s possible to go through life doing the job as it’s required and never learning more about ourselves. Once we know our value, the path ahead becomes more hopeful. If we still feel a bit lost or unclear, the direct approach is best.

#5 There are always people in the workplace who spend most of their time complaining and making themselves the victim. They drag others in and talk mostly about themselves or others. They drain our happiness and hold others back. Steer clear and interact with those who are bright and welcoming. Happy and successful people are always ready to help others who are struggling and share their wisdom. They don’t have to compare themselves to others to feel validation or acceptance.

#6 Show up every day and be your best. This is how we shine and raise our value and purpose. It’s a powerful statement of truth and self-confidence. Always encourage and support others who make the effort for themselves. Confidence rises when we learn to believe in ourselves.

#7 Finding meaning in what we do, how we find more fulfillment with what we do and the impact it has on the world. Both of my businesses help others to live happier, healthier, and more functional lives. We help others heal on a personal level. Every day working towards the same goals of more mobility and body/mind awareness.

#8 Empathy goes a long way towards creating a happier workplace. When we understand that we don’t always know what others are going through we can better control our own emotions. Have boundaries and make sure they’re never crossed. Forgiveness and accountability are two essential values.

#9 Setting goals for job achievement and advancement and stick to them. This helps us to rely more on ourselves and make self-discipline effortless.

#10 Have fun and laugh together. Outside events and non-work-related activities are a great opportunity to let our guard down occasionally and get to know and appreciate each other on a higher level. I can barely remember some of my past jobs but the friendships I made remain to this day.

There will always be those who think of their work as just another paycheck, but when we know that we’re in the right place it can become an environment where we can find more meaning in our lives and learn our worth.

We can ask questions and find the right track. Each job may not be the best one, but every day we can learn more about ourselves and what we want from our lives. Nothing stays the same and nothing is guaranteed to last forever, but how we understand our value is what remains and can’t be taken from us.

We are always happier and more balanced emotionally when we know our purpose and are able to acknowledge our best qualities.

There’s always much more to life than our careers and employment, but however we look at it, one thing remains the same. The need to be recognized and acknowledged for our efforts and determination is the driver that motivates and inspires.

A job is more than just a job but often the key to unlocking the self-imposed barriers in our lives and crafting a better future. Attitude is personal and something no one can take from us. We can all be warriors for our own lives and set the tone we desire for both our success and happiness.