Anika Noni Rose shares her holiday traditions and the importance of the film.  

The holidays have a special way of warming spirits and helping those who celebrate it make time slow down and enjoy the company of others. Films like the upcoming holiday classic Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, A Holiday Film for All is composed of all of those things – bringing the magic back to those once treasure the holidays and uniting families for the common goal of enjoyment!

Anika Noni Rose is no stranger to sharing her magic from within. She starred as Disney’s first African American princess in the hit movie The Princess & The Frog. Her enchantment continues on a new silver screen as she stars in the film and shares her own holiday traditions and what Jingle Jangle means to her! 

To begin, what do the holidays mean to you? Do you have any traditions that are done each year?

The holidays mean communion with friends and family. They mean a celebration of love and blessings. [My personal traditions include] opening one small gift at midnight each year.

In what ways was magic displayed in the film?

Magic is all over the film, particularly in Jangle (played by Forest Whitaker) & Things, with Buddy, in the belief of the children, and the power of love.

Buddy is a robot with magical powers.

Please explain the “power of possibility” to us and why it’s so important to keep this mindset no matter the season?

The power of possibility is basically hope. Without it, our minds and bodies change for the worst. It’s more difficult to get through the hard moments like this pandemic and this election season. It can change people’s lives.

Do you feel like this film will bring holiday cheer to the whole family?

Absolutely!  It is full of such joy, and such a fun ride. I dare you not to be in the holiday spirit while watching Jingle Jangle!

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