It’s 2021 so it’s about dang time beauty brands across the nation did their part to become more eco-friendly. Whether it be the ingredients they formulate into their products or the packaging of their products – we’re confident we’ll see a lot mor ebrands incorporating eco-friendly items in their lines.

Beautyblender on the other hand has made it their mission to take a step toward becoming a more eco-friendly brand. Earlier this month, the brand release an eco-friendly version of their iconic beauty sponge.

The new sponge looks and feels the exact same but let’s be honest here, wouldn’t you feel a lot better about yourself putting on makeup and knowing that you’re doing what you can to save our enviornment? The new sponge is made up of 60% waste products of sugarcane. Even the packaging of the Beautyblender is environmentally friendly. The canister the sponge comes in is created with recycled resin!

Everything down to the packaging of the product is eco-friendly. The canister is created with recycled resin.

Shop for your eco-friendly Beautyblender today by visiting the official Beautyblender website and Sephora.