Leveling beyond barriers, fashion editor and stylist André Leon Talley passed away in White Plains, New York, at 73. He was known for serving high fashion at its best.


In many opinions, while lacking the recognition he deserved, Leon Talley continued to raise the bar as a “creative genius” and “the one” for eye-catching designs, detailed work, and overall, an inspiration. With several achievements, such as being the first black male to become an editor for Vogue, he settled for no more than perfection. Proving he was indeed the “pharaoh of fabulosity.” Resulting in the person we all know as a pioneer in the fashion world, his sudden death imprinted the lives of many throughout social media. Sharing positive raves was more than what he did in fashion, but everyone was able to experience him differently as an individual. Leaving nothing but warmth to the various lives he’s touched, Leon Talley instilled uniqueness in every way possible. By imprinting his character through the work he fell in love with and those who fell in love with it. Choosing to rely on what he felt to portray his work has left nothing but fulfilling memories, and above all, an artist.

“Wearing clothes should be a personal narrative of emotion. I always respond to fashion in an emotional way.” – André Leon Talley.