Question? How do you envision life to be for you? Have you made your request known? So many things go through our mind when we think about our life. Regardless of where you stand, we can agree that we are expecting great things . There are some changes that we need to take place..

Another question? Have you written out your vision and goals? Short term and long term. Writing down what you want to complete is very important. Without a vision, the people perish right?

Having your vision and goals visible helps us to discipline ourselves to stay on track. It strengthens our faith and teaches us patience and temperance. You do the same thing and you will get the same results. I challenge you to do things different. Invest time in yourself to achieve your goals. If it’s less social media time, less phone talk time, whatever it is that was hindering you and causing you to lose focus, step back from it.

Focus on having perfected vision. It is going to require more to get to where you have envisioned yourself being. It’s going to require discipline, sacrifices, risk, and saying No sometimes. Just some nuggets to encourage you!

You have the keys to make your life the most miraculous one yet. Blessed and favored. The vision is for an appointed time and it shall speak for you!