The inaugural Farish Forward Festival made its debut in Jackson, Mississippi, this past Saturday. Despite the sweltering heat,
participants had the opportunity to show their support for numerous Black-owned businesses nestled in the historic Farish Street
neighborhood. Children received school supplies, while the event also featured captivating live performances by local talents from Jackson,
Mississippi, including Vick Allen, Press Play601, Stephanie Luckett, and the Southern Komfort Brass Band.


Once a bustling center for Black-owned enterprises until the 1970s, Farish Street has now found a champion in Aikisha Holly Colon, a
cast member of the TV series “Belle Collective” on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). She is committed to revitalizing the neighborhood and
restoring its former vibrancy. The family-friendly event is planning to return next year and become one of the biggest festivals in the city.


Photo Credits: Farish Forward Festival

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