In an effort to create a beauty brand that is for every shade, personality, and person out there, Natalia Farahmand was more determined than ever to focus on inclusivity and diversity in order to create her brand. Desiderio Beauty was made for all skin types, is cruelty-free, and even fragrance-free! We caught up with Natalia to discuss what sets this beauty empire apart from brands across the nation and more!

What inspired the creation of DB?

My eye and passion for beauty started very early on. Makeup has been a way to channel energy towards helping others in feeling and looking their best. As my career developed, there were constant challenges with a lack of diversity in the cosmetic industry, often feeling underrepresented and unable to quite “fit in”. I dreamt of an industry that promoted inclusivity and diversity. That is where the Desiderio Beauty Cosmetics brand was born. By producing high quality, cruelty-free makeup, with universal shades, we hope that everyone who encounters our products feels represented, beautiful, and most of all confident in their own skin. We believe the key to feeling great, is looking great and that starts with using products that promote equality and acceptance, aligning with the values of our consumers.

Makeup, Creative Director & Styled by Desiderio Beauty | Glam Assistants: @nevionthebeat @raqueldaileymua @maneassassin | Photographer: EVP TorontoModels: @iprinze @byblaqdoor @ashleydoe @woleodofin @lushparris @richy_montano @that_girl_dianah @tellyy__ @adecialee @annekapresston @danielle.browne @therealkayt @onceaking__ @brianluckstar

What sets your brand apart from the rest?

At Desiderio Beauty, we believe unity is our collective social responsibility. For some time now, the beauty industry has catered to the needs of a select few, leaving many feeling unheard. Our brand is focused on catering to those whose voices have been less represented through universal shades, suitable for everyone. All our product shades are delicately chosen to cater to a wide range of skin tones along with a botanical formula, perfect for any skin type from oily to dry, and in between. We even have a universal Glow that is suitable for ANY light, medium and dark skin tones. We listen to our consumers and we ensure that we deliver their needs.

What is your favorite product from the line?

Our absolute favourite product, and best seller, is our Mineral Icing Sugar Glow powder. It is hydrating, rich in pigment, and perfect for face, body, and even eyes! Compared to other highlighter powders on the market, it doesn’t separate or fade withstanding prolong hours of wear. It has been proven that a little product goes a long way, and it is versatile in its application. If it weren’t the powder, our next favourite would have to be the Liquid Velvet Matte lipsticks. They are non-drying, waterproof, with a velvet-like flawless finish, so our customers can eat, drink, and kiss the night away without having to worry about transfer or needing to reapply. Both products have been featured on TokyoStylez, Dani Leigh, LianeV, Todrick, Cardi B and much more.

Makeup, Creative Director & Styled by Desiderio Beauty | Products: Desiderio Beauty CosmeticsGlam Assistants: @nevionthebeat @raqueldaileymua | Photographer: Photographer: EVP Toronto | Model: @onceaking__

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For flawless application, every beauty look must start with the perfect skin prep and that means the right moisturizer! We get a lot of inquiries about whether using moisturizer for oily skin is okay and we always tell our clients, no matter your skin type you must use moisturizer to prep the face. That is why it is incredibly important to find a moisturizer that is suitable to your individualized skin type. A personal go-to favourite, having combination skin myself, is a water-based moisturizer. Water-based products allow you to use a moisturizer versatile for most skin types. Once you’ve got the right skin prep at play, a little spot conceal, bronzer, lashes, and gloss go a long way. Sometimes less is simply more!

Makeup, Creative Director & Styled by Desiderio Beauty | Products: Desiderio Beauty Cosmetics | Model: @ashleydoe | Photographer: Mix-N-Pix Entertainment | Accessory Designer: by blaqdoor

What do you hope to accomplish with your brand in the years to come?

We hope Desiderio Beauty can help more people feel beautiful in the skin they are in, whether it’s with our products or services. As we branch out and grow, we hope to be of influential impact for other small businesses and upcoming beauticians. We want to reach more people as the vision behind the brand goes beyond just wanting to simply apply and sell makeup. Desiderio Beauty and D.B. Cosmetics want everyone to know that they are seen and we are here to meet all needs, inclusively with no one feeling “left out.”



Featured Image: Makeup, Creative Director & Styled by Desiderio Beauty | Glam Assistants: @nevionthebeat @raqueldaileymua | Photographer: Photographer: EVP Toronto | Models: @onceaking__ @danielle.browne @ashleydoe @brianluckstar